Hamsters Teeth: How To Keep Them Healthy

Hamsters Teeth: How To Keep Them Healthy

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Teeth of hamsters: from rodents as they are, by definition, these animals must have perfect teeth. Well maintained, healthy, functioning. Which is not as easy as it seems, because in addition to "normal cleaning", for the hamster teeth it is necessary to keep up with a perennial growth process so that, as well as healthy, they do not become too long, with imaginable consequences.

Hamster, hamster, like criceteid, is a rodent and is therefore a member of the large and complex superfamily ofMuroidei which includes real hamsters, voles, lemmings, and New World rats and mice. With about 600 species it is the second largest mammal family. All this to reiterate that, i hamster teeth, like those of his colleagues, they are not only for representation, recognition, but also widely used.

THE hamster teeth in particular, there are 16, of which two upper and two lower incisors, the rest are molars. Those in constant growth are the hamster teeth incisors: when the animal is in captivity it cannot do it by itself to regulate them, it must be, we must be, we masters to control and provide. When i hamster teeth become too long, in fact, there is a danger that the closure of the bite will be compromised, causing difficulty in eating.

Hamsters teeth: how to limit their growth

To overcome the problem of hamster teeth unstoppable, you can equip the cage with pieces of wood. However, they should not be chosen at random, because for the hamster teeth they must not be of the resinous type and even less with surfaces treated with paints or chemicals. Best for the sake of hamster teeth and of the animal, everything is to recover branches from fruit trees and cut them to the appropriate size. Usually the recommended thickness because to measure hamster teeth is one cm thick, length of your choice, it depends on the cage.

If we have no way or desire to wander through orchards and woods looking for fruit tree twigs for the hamster teeth, there are also specific sticks on the market enriched with vitamins and minerals that encourage chewing. A valid alternative for the hamster teeth it consists of hard biscuits, those used for dogs for example, but better not to overdo it: it is a fatty and sweet food, it could cause damage such as cavities or overweight if it is abused. Better to opt for, for example hard nut nuts.

To avoid, on the contrary, for the hamsters teeth, plastic objects or toys painted with toxic paints: out of the cage. And since these animals use their teeth as soon as they can, better be careful and considerate and avoid painted bars before they nibble on them and poison themselves. The best thing is a nice wooden cage.

Granted, it is then up to us to regularly check the growth of hamster teeth and, if necessary, contact a veterinarian for a filing operation, when twigs, shells and so on are not enough.

Teeth of hamsters: how to avoid tooth decay

In addition to the problem of the continuous growth of hamster teeth, there is also that of caries. It is not enough to prevent them from gorging on dog biscuits, it is generally necessary to provide a healthy diet practically designed especially for him. Do-it-yourself? It is not simple, nor is it mandatory: in pet shops there are specific preparations of seeds and nuts that are excellent for the teeth of hamsters.

Nothing prevents us from creating our own mix of seeds knowing the favorites to put under the hamster teeth. In the recipe of our invention it is good not to miss fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts, but the crunchy ones like apples, celery and cauliflower must be abundant compared to the rest.

In periodically checking the growth of the hamsters teeth,in addition to looking after the incisors, it is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that the animal may be reluctant to eat, or produce too much saliva or have swollen gums. In all these cases, contacting the vet immediately is best.

In the best of cases, it will be able to give you excellent nutrition advice or guide you in choosing chewing toys other than twigs, such as an ad hoc stone for cleaning hamster teeth.

Even feeding with a veterinarian's expert eye can be perfected, perhaps avoiding the danger of cavities. It is not uncommon to see them on hamster teeth: nothing serious but it is still an avoidable intervention if you adopt good daily habits. The same applies to humus, even if we are not rodents and have more than 16 teeth, therefore more likely to "decay".

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