Chihuahua Toy: character, nutrition, care and training

Chihuahua Toy: character, nutrition, care and training

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Chihuahua Toy: his is by far the smallest breed in the world, and is among the most suitable for socialization. Officially he belongs to group 9 in the company of the others pet dogs like the pug, the Pekingese and the Maltese. The original name of the Chihuahua Toy is chihuahueño, exists long-haired and short-haired, comes from Mexico. The chihuahua Toy it is in fact a homonymous dog of the Mexican state where the first breeding of this breed was born.

If you don't know who we're talking about, just think of a dog with a "nose up" walk and winking "smiles". Or to that dog who, characteristic of the Chihuahua Toy, shakes when he is agitated or nervous, but just put him at ease to make him stop.

Chihuahua Toy: physical appearance

The chihuahua Toy it is a decidedly tiny dog, it is not often measured with cm at the withers but directly and only in kg. It weighs on average from 1.5 to 3 kg, has a high tail and sometimes bent towards the back, the head shaped like a " bulb ”, large but proportionate. They are a little protruding, the eyes of the chihuahua Toy, so large and always dark, it seems to come out, at times, from the skull.

Although small, the chihuahua Toy sports a robust and compact body, the hair can be short or long, all variations of color are also accepted. The only variant excluded is the "merle" because it is linked to the gene of the same name which, when it occurs, is a signal of crosses with races other than chihuahua. And above all, it can bring with it serious pathologies such as blindness and deafness.

Chihuahua Toy: character

Despite being small, it is not discouraged: the chihuahua has a strong personality. It is a lively and cheerful dog, very cuddly, it loves to play and be in close contact with its owner. It's a good one watchdog because he knows how to show off an unpredictable courage, he is also perennially alert and attentive, a small antenna, wary of strangers and able to signal suspicious noises or the approach of a stranger.

THE Chihuahua they tend to choose one or two people to bond with in a close and visceral way, in a sort of uncritical devotion, with others they are courteous and affectionate but have a very different way of doing things. However, the strong propensity to stay in company remains and they enjoy the company of other dogs very much, they form small well-hierarchized herds, and this also among males.

They can also live well with a cat i Chihahua Toy if accustomed from the first three to four months of life, and adopt them as an integral part of their pack. Females of Chihuahua Toy they are also excellent midwives but, emancipated, they appreciate and require with determination the collaboration of their human friend in the management of the offspring.

Chihuahua Toy: training and care

The Chihuahua Toy it is not a dog that must be trained to respond to the call or anything else, if, which happens often, it loves its owner, it becomes its leader, literally. This means having a chihuahua who follows us and listens to us in every circumstance, out of devotion more than anything else: it is not obedience.

You will find all the possible tricks to be pampered, the chihuahua, however, it is easy to manage, routine and attentive. If you happen to see chihuahua who bark a lot and growl, with a bully attitude, are only victims of human mismanagement. It is the clear demonstration that a dog, even if small, should not be taken lightly: it must be used to understanding that it is not the leader of the pack, but the master.

As for cleaning the Chihuahua Toy it is a perfect apartment dog, it loves comfort, moreover, and in winter so as not to make it sick, it is best to keep it indoors, without depriving it of walks outdoors and in the garden: an essential appointment. If he stays alone in the house, which can happen, the chihuahua it is quite independent and does not cause problems.

Chihuahua Toy: feeding

For a Chihuahua Toy fed with dry industrial feed in the form of kibble, it is almost certain that it can be satisfied according to one's nutritional needs, both as an adult and as a puppy. Usually, with a good brand, also recommended by the vet, and following the directions, you can give them to your ownChihuahua all the nutrients and substances it needs, including vitamins.

Industrial feed also has the function of dental cleaning due to chewing and a different consistency to the stools: they are more compact and with fewer "unpleasant odors". It is better to avoid sudden changes in quality and "brand" to prevent a strong adaptation stress of the intestine of the Chihuahua in spite of ourselves, you lead to diarrhea, flutolence and gaseous abdominal colic.

For those who choose do-it-yourself to feed their own Chihuahua, attention: better to contact the vet for a multivitamin supplement to cover possible deficiencies. And he will give advice for a suitable, varied and complete diet. To be avoided for a Chihuahua Toy milk and dairy products in general, sugar, salt, sweets, fried foods, all bones, fish with insidious bones or thorns, all residues and various kitchen scraps.

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