Natural treatments against termites

Natural treatments against termites

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A series ofnatural treatmentseffective to eliminate the termitesand thewood termites.

Thetermitesthey are more common than one might imagine, they are also known by the name ofisopteraand they are xylophagous organisms, that is insects that devour wood. This is why in the case oftermites in the houseintervention withtreatmentsaimed at the disinfestation of environments.

In case of infestations oftermites, there are many users who rely on chemical insecticides that exploit active ingredients that are harmful to humans and the environment. Among the active ingredients used for the formulation of specific insect repellents fortermitesthere is chlordane, a carcinogenic substance in the past also used in industrial agriculture to eliminate ants from crops.

The EPA,Enviromental Protection Agency,has banned the use of chlordane because it can cause damage to the nervous system, so its use has been limited totreatment against termites.

Before proceeding with anytreatment against termites, whether natural or artificial, it is necessary to understand if these insects are already strongly present in our home. For this purpose it is possible to leave, around the house (in places at risk such as cellars, ceilings, attics ...), cardboard soaked in water and stacked one on top of the other: termites feed on cellulose and cardboard will act as a bait. If after a few days you will findtermitesinside the baits, the signal is clear, it will be necessary to proceed withtreatments against termites.

Betweennatural treatments against termiteswe point out the biological struggle: in garden centers it is possible to buy predatory nematodes that feed on termites. These worms should be kept in the fridge when temperatures exceed 15 ° C and are photophobic (they die in sunlight) so they should be used at night.

Those who do not like the idea of ​​biological control (in fact it is not pleasant to think of fighting termites with worms!) Can resort to baits made of wood covered with boric acid.

Once a large amount of insects has been attracted, it will be possible to burn the aggromate "trap + bait + termites". To make the trap more effective it will be necessary to add condensed milk. Thewood termites they will be attracted by the smell of condensed milk, they will approach the bait and begin to eat them.

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