Homemade natural fertilizer

Homemade natural fertilizer

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 Homemade natural fertilizer: here is a series of do-it-yourself natural fertilizers to use for the care of the vegetable garden and flowering plants.

In the article entitledDo-it-yourself natural fertilizerswe have brought to your attention the use of various kitchen waste products for soil fertilization. In particular, we saw how to use banana peels, brewer's yeast, eggshell, vegetable cooking water, coffee grounds, red wine, ash from the fireplace and many other ingredients to preparedo-it-yourself natural fertilizers. In this article we will give you other pointers for prepare a good natural fertilizer at home.

The infusion of horsetail (a detail of this plant in the photo above) is used as fertilizer with good anti-parasitic power: it can perform an antifungal action, protecting plants from fungal diseases. It can be prepared starting from fresh or dry horsetail: bring 3 liters of water to a boil and add a good dose of horsetail. Leave to infuse for 10 - 15 minutes, filter the liquid and use for fertigation by applying it to the base of the plants. Use this liquid fertilizer when the infusion has cooled down.

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Ready-to-use natural fertilizers

There are somenatural fertilizersready for use offered by the market, we are not talking about refined products but raw materials ready to make the soil fertile thanks to its natural properties, here are some examples:

Ground lupine

Theground lupineit is a natural fertilizer of 100% vegetable origin and is also of local origin since it is produced starting from leguminous plants originating in the Mediterranean basin. It is anatural fertilizerexcellent for those who want to fertilize any acidophilic plant such as azalea, geranium, camellia, hydrangea, citrus fruits, rhododendron and many more plants. The price of this natural fertilizer? A 3 kg pack of ground lupins is offered at a price of 16.90 euros on Amazon, with free shipping.

Humus of earthworms

It can be considered, by far, the best fertilizer available in the world. It is obtained thanks to earthworms which, left to grow freely in a culture medium, release the manure into the soil. By not using any chemical pesticides and by not treating the soil in any way, earthworms have a way to proliferate and increase the natural fertility of the soil. It is highly appreciated by those who cultivate the synergistic vegetable garden.

The guano

Guano is aorganic fertilizerwhich is obtained from the manure of sea birds that over the centuries have accumulated in deposits. Guano is an organic fertilizer rich in nitrogen but above all in phosphorus, perfect for both horticultural crops and flowering plants. How much does guano cost? A 3 kg pack of Guano is offered on Amazon at a price of € 21.32 with free shipping.

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