Ingrown hair, natural remedies

Ingrown hair, natural remedies

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The hair in certain parts of the body is ugly to look at, so we are forced to resort to hair removal. However, some hair removal methods cause skin irritation as well as annoying ingrown hairs! To facilitate normal external hair growth, it is necessary to break the layer of skin that covers the hair follicles.

When a hair does not come out to the surface, it continues to grow under the skin, following the opposite direction to its natural growth line: the so-called ingrown hairs.In this guide we will give you some useful tips to eliminate the ingrown hairs effectively and correctly.

Ingrown hair, adequate hair removal
The right hair removal method plays a fundamental role: waxing or other similar hair removal techniques (silk epil, etc.), can cause various dermatological problems, including ingrown hair.
While they are effective and quick, it is best to look for other alternatives when ingrown hair begins to become a serious problem. If you are relapsing to this problem, it is better to resort to hair removal methods such as depilatory creams; they are less aggressive methods.

Remedies for ingrown hair, regular exfoliation

Regular exfoliation
To effectively prevent ingrown hairs from appearing, it is good to apply an exfoliating treatment often: in this way we will facilitate the elimination of dead cells that accumulate on the skin and block the follicles. To achieve flawless skin and prevent ingrown hair from appearing, it is good to do an exfoliating scrub both before and after hair removal. On the market there are many delicate scrubs designed for hair removal; choose the most suitable according to the needs and characteristics of your skin.

If you want to do it yourself, you can use the ingredients you have at home. In this regard, we refer you to reading the article "DIY body scrub with natural ingredients"
After doing the scrub, you can move on to hair removal but after 3-4 days you will have to do a new exfoliating scrub to prevent the skin from "imprisoning" the hairs that are growing back.

Alternatively, you can massage the skin with a horsehair glove with circular and ascending movements. The treatment should be performed two or three times a week if you do not want the ingrown hair to reappear.

Daily hydration
Dry skin is the architect of the appearance of ingrown hair: in fact, the hair will have more difficulty in piercing the hard layer of skin. If we hydrate ourselves daily with the right amount of water, the skin will not dry out and it will not suffer from various skin problems. You must of course also thoroughly moisturize the skin with a preferably natural moisturizer.

Hot water
Before starting hair removal, it is advisable to moisten the skin with hot water: it helps to open the pores and hair removal becomes much more effective.
If the hairs are already ingrown, apply warm water compresses to try to soften the skin and help the hair come closer to the surface.

Fried onion
Do you have ingrown hair and are you worried about the bubbles that form on your skin? Just fry a little onion and apply it, warm, on the affected area.
Thanks to this home treatment, the bubble will explode, releasing the ingrown hair.

Ingrown hair, useful recommendations

  • Never resort to tweezers to remove ingrown hair, this operation can be quite dangerous, especially if we do not do it well: it can cause infections or other problems that could leave marks and even scars.
  • If there is infection, use glycolic acid to disinfect and heal the pore. In any case, it is always advisable to consult a dermatologist.

Which drug is indicated?
THE ingrown hairs they are similar to acne, especially if they form with pus. You can therefore get rid of these hairs with drugs such as, for example, benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

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