Garden tools, the essentials

Garden tools, the essentials

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Essential garden tools they are the spade, the hoe and the rake. Do you want to start a vegetable garden? Start with these by investing a few bucks. Then, as the garden grows, you can increase the budget. When the first vegetables arrive, you will need good scissors, and maybe a shredder. The latter is always recommended for those who cultivate a piece of land because it solves the problem of mowing and allows you to produce compost yourself.

If you don't have time to go to the garden center, the garden tools you can choose them from the comfort of your home and have them sent to you. Online shopping is convenient, easy and safe. Even for apparently more bulky objects.

How should the garden tools? Lightweight and comfortable to use. Then also robust to last a long time. When cultivating the vegetable garden, the investment is above all in terms of time and effort. The harvest does not arrive immediately, you have to know how to wait for it and its quality depends on how much perseverance and commitment the horticulturist will have dedicated his work. If the tools are uncomfortable or unsuitable, the desire passes quickly and the green beans go back to buy them at the super, where they don't even cost much. If you don't make too much effort, however, the cultivation of the vegetable garden becomes a pleasure.

The essential garden tools are the ones used when the garden is not yet there. This is no accident. When the vegetables are spiked or ripened, most tools lose their importance. No special tools are needed to secure vines to stakes or pick tomatoes. To dig, hoe, weed instead yes. The 'essentials' of the garden are used above all in autumn and spring, when there is a need to dig, plow, fertilize and prepare the beds for planting. In short, they are fatigue tools. For other, less tiring operations, it is easier to get by.

Essential garden tools: the spade

It is important that they have a wooden handle, straight, because it is more comfortable to use. The best essences for wooden handles are ash and beech. There are the straight tip spades and the square tip ones. The former are better for 'virgin' soils, annual digging and 'long' tillage. The second for the soils already worked and for digging holes, are better suited for garden work. It is good that the tip is forged of stainless steel in order not to suffer from rust and to last a long time. The fork spade, generally with four teeth, is used to break up very compact soils and to aerate. Finally, there are the short-handled spades, also made of wood and with a square-tipped handle, also ideal in the garden for digging holes in which to plant shrubs and trees. If you need to buy the 'essentials' for the garden, the advice is to make yourself a spade and a spade fork. Possibly a spade. So you will be equipped for any eventuality.

Here you will find an excellent spade with a straight tip already with the handle

Here a T-handle fork spade

Here a square tip garden spade

A separate tool, because it is particular, is the air-fork. It is not easily found in the garden center and is a fork-spade designed for a type of non-invasive cultivation, such as the synergistic vegetable garden. It is used with both hands and allows you to work even large plots.

Here you will find a fork area for working and aerating the soil

Essential garden tools: the hoe

Always wooden handle. Forged stainless steel tip. In the garden you can use a digging hoe, with a wide blade, and a hoe with a smaller blade, for hoeing. The latter should be double-horned, that is, equipped with a two-pronged fork on the side opposite the blade. So it can be used to aerate the soil as well as to move it.

Here you will find a digging hoe with a wide blade

Here a two-horned hoe

Essential garden tools: the rake

Once again: wooden handle and steel tip. In the vegetable garden, the rake is used to prepare the soil for sowing and for light weeding. We are therefore talking about a ground rake, not a leaf picker. The rake teeth must be at least 14, if the surface to be worked is large a 16-tooth rake is better. Below you will find one of each, both already equipped with a handle.

14-tooth rake with handle

16-tooth rake with handle

Essential garden tools: the shredder

We put it among the essentials thinking about the effort and hassle it saves. With the garden shredder you can grind the cuttings of weeds and prunings up to branches of a certain thickness. Leaves, acorns and everything else can be chopped up to turn them into compost with which to fertilize the vegetable garden and even the garden. If you decide to buy one, it is good that it is robust and of a good brand, to have assistance and easily find spare parts. The model we recommend below is electric, so you need a mains connection. With petrol garden shredders the price rises and management becomes more demanding, for these it is better to buy at the garden center.

Bosch electric shredder

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