Rottweiler: character and price

Rottweiler: character and price

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Rottweiler, a breed of character that needs good training. It is a German breed that falls into the category of molossers but it stands out from many colleagues for the advantage of not drooling, which makes it more welcome in an apartment, also having short hair. The name of the Rottweiler comes from an almost homonymous German city where he was selected, initially with the role of tow dog for freight wagons or meat keeper at city butchers

Rottweiler: appearance

The males are 60-70 cm at the withers, the females a little less, but always very muscular and massive, about 40 kg of dog instead of 50. The physique of the Rottweiler he is very muscular, they would almost be "gymnasiums”If they were human beings.

They are compact, vigorous, sculpted, dry, i Rottweiler, but they express great power, elasticity and resistance. Even the muzzle is like a powerful dog, the bite does not forgive, it is not recommended. The nose of the Rottweiler it is always dark and very broad, the eyes also dark and slightly almond-shaped, the ears are pendulous and triangular, of medium size.

The neck and limbs are in tune with the rest of the body therefore always dry but massive while for the tail there is the question of the cut. Before it was cut "of office", now it could no longer be amputated but it is useless to deny that some "purist" does it anyway in memory of ancient times. The Rottweiler, with such a physique, he moves proudly, quickly, smoothly and casually. It's a snappy dog.

White Rottweiler

The Rottweiler it also exists white but is very rare, it has medium length hair, hard, compact and adherent. The breed standard also provides for the presence of undercoat, and the most frequent colors are the black with tan markings well defined, of saturated tawny brown color, on the cheeks, eyes, muzzle, lower part of the neck, chest, inner part of limbs, root of tail.

Rottweiler: origins

In the German city of Rottweil, with the ancestor the Tibetan Mastiff, at the end of the 19th century the Rottweiler. At the time it was used above all to guard and lead the herds of farmers, or to act as a guard dog for the meat of the slaughtered in the country. The name of the Rottweiler which was called Rottweiler metzgerhund, "Butcher's dog".

At the beginning of the 1900s in Europe the Rottweiler arrives, thanks to the passionate breeders of Stuttgart and from that moment it spreads in a more than good way, in United States instead it risked extinction, now it is better but not depopulated.

Rottweiler: character

The character of the Rottweiler it is certainly one of the most talked about since this dog was also part of the list of dangerous breeds, when it was in force. Actually on paper it's a dog balanced, quiet, obedient, trainable, but also protective and determined, courageous and independent.

So it must be treated with sense, it cannot be mistreated or neglected too much without paying the consequences. It is not a threat but a dog like the Rottweiler, loyal to the owner and with a very strong instinct to defense of the territory, we must think that he will have reactions when someone "invades" or "attacks" his.

Particularly with children, the Rottweiler he should not be left alone. He is docile and lovable, also very protective of those in his own family, tolerating others too if he has been well trained. This does not mean that children often make unpredictable gestures and we cannot predict the reaction of the Rottweiler.

Rottweiler: training

Born and intended primarily to be a guard and self-defense dog, the Rottweiler it is a dog that must be in strong harmony with the owner who is essential to know how to educate him better.

First of all, he must make sure that he interacts from an early age with other dogs, people, of all ages, and even other animals. If you leave it in a place like a courtyard or just in an apartment, after a while it can get nervous and react badly, becoming aggressive even with those who have nothing to do with it. For this a good breeder and educator that you set it up and show us how to make us listen. Not to have an uncontrollable dog.

Rottweiler: care and nutrition

Although it can tolerate the cold, the Rottweiler he prefers to stay at home, also because he is very keen to be close to his master and the family he must protect. At home the Rottweler he has to undergo a strong discipline - "clear pacts of long friendship" - so that he does not dominate. Also onsupply, he has to keep his "whistle" so it is important that he does not go wrong.

During weaning of the Rottweiler you can get up to three meals a day, so as not to weigh down the animal and put the weight of the food on the stomach on the bones. Digestion of the Rottweiler it takes a few hours, would eat every 6-8 hours, very well i go crunchy complete with all the nutritional needs but let's not make it move immediately after eating.

As soon as he is an adult or young adult, the Rottweiler return to one meal a day, maximum two, usually based on chicken, vegetables and meat. The power supply must always be balanced but in particular, an eye should be paid to the need for calcium in Rottweiler: its lack, especially in the growth phase, can cause major bone problems.

Rottweiler: price

Without pedigree, and references, and securities, a puppy of Rottweiler it also costs 2-300 euros but if you want it healthy and "certified" the price of Rottweiler go on 600 to 1000 euros.

The pedigree, the certificates, the health card, these are all things that must be demanded. In the case of the Rottweiler even more so for the important effect that even a small trauma or mischief can have in the head of this dog as beautiful and powerful as to be controlled.

Rottweiler: video

To see this athletic and handsome dog in action just watch this video dedicated to the breed of Rottweiler. It also provides numerous and curious information on this breed that despite having many enemies, also has many fans and continues to be very widespread even in Italy.

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