Great Dane: character and variety

Great Dane: character and variety

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Great Dane: a molossoid very particular, for his exorbitant stature and for his elegant features. He does not have a face like that of his colleagues, theGreat Dane, but just as nice. It comes in various colors, there are many variety, his ears are no longer cut.

L'Great Dane competes with Irish Greyhounds to win the tallest breed prize. In 2010 just a Great Dane won with its 109 cm of height at the withers but usually the males range from 90 to 110 and the females do not exceed 95 cm, the weight is close to 100 Kg.

Great Dane: origins

Sometimes called incorrectly Great Danish, L'Great Dane has German nationality, perhaps the misunderstanding arose because this breed is very widespread in Denmark. However, a Berlin in 1878 when a group of breeders decided to catalog groups of similar dogs from the southwestern region of Germany.

They called them Deutsche Dogge, the first standard was defined in 1880, the Deutsche Doggen Club was founded in 1888 and in 1920 the name emerged"Great Dane". Among the theories on the origin ofGreat Dane, which would also explain its name, there is the one that tells how it came to Europe in the fourth century together with Scythian warriors called Alani, or Alaunt.

At the time, and still is, theGreat Dane it was a hunting dog, specializing in wild animals, including wild boar, deer and bear. Over time theGreat Dane has been crossed with German greyhounds and the old man German mastiff giving him a greyhound physique and a mastiff face. The most recent standard dates back to 2001 and reports a new arrangement for the ears that can no longer be cut, as well as a note on the coat and the sizes.

Giant Great Dane

We have already said that it is big, but it is so big, theGreat Dane, which is the case to repeat it. It has an impressive bone structure, like many molossoids, and more, but it differs from the others both in height and because it is a less stocky breed.

The head of theGreat Dane it is large and rectangular, the lips are usually abundant and hanging, the ears are a delicate theme due to the forbidden cut, and they are wide triangular in shape and drooping. The cloak ofGreat Dane it can be of various colors: fawn and brindle, black harlequin and platten, blue. And then there is also the merle, a Great Dane with a partially gray body and black shades.

Great Dane Harlequin

White or Black, theGreat Dane Harlequin was called Tigerdoggen. This variety has a pure white base of the coat as "clean" as possible and with spots of black lacquer color, with torn outline and of various sizes and well distributed over the entire surface of the body. Partially gray or brown spots are also allowed.

Great Dane Black

It is black hair lacquerGreat Dane Black,even if it may have some white spots, overshooting the single color. Together withGreat Dane black are also judged there'Great Dane Tiger and theGreat Dane Platten. The first is black on the trunk as if covered by a cloak, and then has a white muzzle, neck, chest, belly and tip of the tail. L'Great Dane Platten it has a white coat with large black spots and a completely black head.

Great Dane: character

In the case ofGreat Dane we are faced with a dog often used for hunting and guarding but unable to be aggressive. Indeed, he is very sensitive, intelligent and affectionate. Despite, or perhaps thanks to the size, the'Great Dane is a calm, balanced, docile and dog very friendly. He absolutely wants to be close to his master and be the object of attention and affection, he gets sad if you leave him alone.

To keep a dog like theGreat Dane, even if very good, it is necessary to train it immediately, fortunately it is a smart, intelligent breed that understands on the fly. Even being strict from the start helps: given the imprinting, then it's not hard. More than other dogs, theGreat Dane he is always loyal and faithful and is willing to do anything for his master with whom he loves to stroll.

Great Dane: price

Even just for the amount of "dog", the size and the commitment to move, we understand that theGreat Dane cannot have a price low, but hovers around the 750-800 euros. It is true that it must be maintained and eats a lot. Better, indeed, a must, to choose in certified farms, also because the possible pathologies are proportional to the size.

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