Cartoons with cats: the 5 unmissable

Cartoons with cats: the 5 unmissable

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Cartoons with cats, there are many, and if you think about it, even more. Animated cats, fat and thin, and of every color and character, they pop out of the screens. Because they are animals always worthy of stories and adventures and who can do without them cartoons with cats?

Cartoons with cats: the Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat di Alice in Wonderland is my favorite. I'm sorry for the others who, touchy like real cats, and not cartoons, will take it, but the Cheshire Cat is a unforgettable character. In the cartoon in particular, where it is drawn in purple and pink stripes and appears and disappears while talking with the little protagonist.

Between cartoons with cats, Alice is the one with a cat also singing and with a joker character. However, it should be known that in the original version of Lewis Carroll's novel, the Cheshire Cat had another name: Cheshire cat, named after an English county. Then the big cat arrived in the universe of cartoons with cats, it has brought with it the smell of ancient legends and popular of mysterious cats that roamed the English countryside with strange and slightly hallucinated smiles.

Cartoons with cats: Puss in Boots

The Puss in Boots is one of the main characters of the cartoons with cats but which have Shrek as protagonist. The feline character with footwear made his first appearance in the series in the second chapter but everyone fell in love with him, so much so that others were born cartoons with cats, as a spin off.

In these videos he tells about his childhood, before Shrek and the others. We are in one of the most beautiful cartoons with cats but we are also in an ancient Spanish village where Gatto and Humpty Dumpty grew up as brothers in an orphanage but the two cronies see their paths split out of jealousy. Humpty he sees Gatto more loved and athletic than him, and by contrast he takes the bad road: during a robbery that went wrong their friendship is shattered.

Cartoons with cats: Felix The Cat

It is a black and white and stylized animal, almost, the protagonist of these cartoons with cats, created by Pat Sullivan and Otto Messmer. Its silhouette is simple but it doesn't hide one tender look and at the same time biting gestures and ways of doing things. Felix is ​​the classic cat from cartoons with cats, looks almost human and has a sense of humor! Do real cats have it?

Felix The Cat he was born in comics and only after he landed in the world of cartoons with cats to become a star. Already in 1930 the first of his appeared cartoons with cats sound and from that moment its popularity was only a crescendo.

Cartoons with cats: the Aristocats

Impossible not to know this title that falls within both cartoons with Disney cats and it is the first that comes to mind ever. It is the wonderful story of Romeo and his friends, Duchess, Minou, Matisse, Bizet. All irresistible characters, perfectly designed as Disney knows how to do in those happy years.

Although it is fully one of the animal cartoons with cats, there are also some humans in the Aristocats, like Madame Adelaide, an elderly and rich lady left alone in the world. She is the "mistress" of a part of the feline protagonists who are the first beneficiaries of her possessions upon her death. Let alone the other humans as they take it, the butler Edgar above all. His anger gives rise to many interesting adventures that are told in what is certainly among the best and unmissable cartoons with cats.

Cartoons with cats: The seagull and the cat

It's not Disney and it has a poem of its own, and it takes a great spot in my chart of cartoons with cats: The Seagull and the Cat. And the cat is called Zorba. In addition to the drawings and animations - beautiful - and the soundtrack - fun -, this one by Zorba is one fable that never, like others, is delicate and intelligent. Not for nothing among many cartoons with cats, this one stands out because it is based on the novel of the same name by Luis Sepulveda.

The animation is directed by Enzo D’Alò, the backgrounds and animation are hand-painted with priceless accuracy and observation. To the sound of jazz, and not only that, the protagonist is sweetness, a strange thing in cat cartoons. But Zorba is Zoba and if you know it, you know how it is. If you don't know him, immediately the book, then this cartoon.

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