Leonberger: origins, character, appearance, health and price

Leonberger: origins, character, appearance, health and price

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Leonberger, a giant and elegant dog, a miracle of grandeur and composure that comes from Germany and aims to dear price as a not too common cross between Saint Bernard, Newfoundland and Pyrenean Mountain Dog. With an excellent character, nothing to reproach him, and despite the mass he is also a dog suitable for children. The Leonberger he knows how to play with them without being dangerous, as long as they are not dangerous and nasty with him.

Leonberger: origins

The geographical origins of the Leonberger are to be found in the small town of the same name in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, near Stuttgart. The creator of this breed, Heinrich Essig, in the first half of the nineteenth century he had planned to reproduce the lion depicted in the heraldic coat of arms of the cities and crossed various breeds of giant dogs obtaining what today is ours Leonberger.

If we look closely we can grasp the traits, time more, time less, of Newfoundland black and white, del St. Bernard longhaired and the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. In addition to others shepherd dogs coming from Caucasian-Alpine areas.

Leonberger: weight

This large dog can reach 80 centimeters at the withers and hips weight 65-70 Kg. But the weight of the Leonberger it is above all a moral and historical burden. His figure is intertwined with history and who knows who has not also changed its fate. We will never know, but we can say that this breed was depopulated in the main Courts of Europe and even in Japan.

Garibaldi gave a puppy of Leonberger to his beloved Anita, Elisabeth Empress of Austria, the Princess Sissi in person, he had even seven. During the wars it did not have a good time, but then it rebuilt itself and from the 1960s onwards it was once again successful. IS weight.

Giant Leonberger

And who can deny that it is giant? It certainly is, but the curious and less obvious and obvious thing is that the Leonberger manages to be giant and elegant at the same time, proportionate and harmonious. His master has the responsibility, giant, of not making him too fat but still keeping him massive as he should be. For the female it is even more difficult but the challenge is to ensure that it has grace but does not lose strength and robustness.

Leonberger: I'm waiting

Having said that it is large, indeed, giant, the Leongerger is a muscular dog with a firm and balanced physique. The bone is also large especially in its front part, including the skull: it has a big head! The hair, long and thick, which creates one is also very impressive mane around the neck.

The male of the Leonberger, especially, it has a great volume of hair around the colus which goes down even on the front limbs. As for the color, it is unique, according to the standard, but there are various shades of it. So we pass from sand to fawn, with more or less carbonation, without ever giving up black mask che must at least circle his eyes: it is an essential characteristic of the breed.

Leonberger: health

Like all large dog breeds, the Leonberger can be prone to stomach torsion. Furthermore, the Leonberger can also be subject to a genetic disease, hereditary polyneuropathy, a pathology that leads to progressive muscle degeneration.

Dogs affected by this disease have progressive muscle weakness which makes them gradually unable to move. There are specific tests to be performed on the DNA of breeding animals to select dogs that do not carry the polyneuropathy gene, it is advisable to check that the parents have been tested before proceeding with the purchase of the puppy.

Leonberger: farms

A good breeder of Leonberger he must be familiar with the breed, know its origins, general, and of its puppies themselves. There is a Italian Leonberger Club which expressly asks its breeders to adhere to a plan for improving the breed and to ensure the well-being of their dogs, also by signing a precise and civil code of ethics.

On the Club website, breeders who respect all this are also recommended, you can consult a list online even if, the best thing, if you want to take a Leonberger, is to visit the farms and above all to know in person who is selling it to us.

Leonberger: puppies

The price of Leonberger puppies is remarkable, we start from 500-700 euros and it also comes to 1.500. It is undoubtedly a high price, so it is even more important to make sure that the puppy we buy is in excellent health. It is also true that it is a expensive dog to keep, not because it is spoiled, but because it is big. Eat a lot and must be managed, in terms of space. It's not trivial, it's not a purse dog. But with the adorable temper he has, he would take him everywhere just the same.

Leonberger: character

The Leonberger it is a balanced, calm, thoughtful animal, never shy or aggressive. And he loves children so he becomes a very patient and very reliable playmate. In addition to being excellent company, this dog also has outstanding skills for everything related to being in the water and swimming.

It can do water rescue, for example, and is generally equipped with excellent versatility and can adapt to different needs. When introduced into the family, the Leonberger he builds a bond with an eternal value with the components he feels devoted to for life. An affectionate and affectionate giant, who does not want to be alone, on the contrary, he absolutely wants to participate in the family life and be involved in it. Adorable: how can you not make room, in your life, for a dog like this?

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