Sage essential oil, all the info

Sage essential oil, all the info

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Sage essential oil: properties, uses, aromatherapy, natural remedies and all the information on where to find it or how to prepare it at home.

Let's clarify that on the market we find three different types ofsage essential oil, in all cases it is extracted by steam distillation but of two species ofsagedifferent. Thus we have the essential oil of Salvia officinalis (also known asnatural sage essential oil) and the essential oil of Clary Sage.

It is not uncommon to find Lavandulifolia sage essential oil but this is none other than the narrow-leaved variety of the officinal sage. In commerce it is easy to find too Dalmatian sage essential oil or Dalmatian sage, also in this case refers to the botanical speciesSalvia officinalis.

The two species have similar but not identical properties. Sage distillate is more expensive due to its chemical profile.

Clary sage essential oil: properties

L'essential oil of clary sageit is mainly used in the production of perfume, vermouth and other liqueurs. It is added to intensify the flavormuscatof some wines and, in the past, it was used as a flavor in English beers.

In aromatherapy, the essential oil of clary sage is used to counteract depression and for its stimulating properties of the central nervous system. Clary sage demonstrates good tonic-stimulating properties for the digestive system.

Among other things, it has anti-hysterical, antispasmodic, hypotensive and aphrodisiac properties.

Thanks to his purifying properties, it is useful against acne and to be added to a neutral shampoo base for hair care. It is considered useful for relieving the chest and throat. Relieves headaches, stress and tension.

L'Clary Sage essential oil it is cheaper than theessential oil of salvia officinalis.

Where to buy it? In the most well-stocked herbalists or by taking advantage of online sales. On this Amazon page a bottle is offered at a price of 17.99 euros with shipping included in the price.

Fights sweat

It is useful for foot massages: thanks to its astringent properties it contrasts theexcessive sweating.

A cloth handkerchief wet with this oil can be placed on the pillow to prevent menopausal hot flashes and night sweats.

Salvia officinalis essential oil

The properties of sage are concentrated in hisessential oil. As well as salvia officinalis and clary sage, the essential oil is also produced with sage fruticosa although it is much rarer to find it on the market.

Natural sage essential oil (common sage or officinal sage) is rich in cineole, borneol and thujone. Sage leaves contain a good number of active ingredients such as:

  • tannic acid,
  • oleic,
  • ursolic,
  • carnosol,
  • carnosic acid,
  • fumaric,
  • chlorogenic,
  • caffeic,
  • niacin,
  • nicotinamide,
  • flavones,
  • phlycosides
  • flaconoids,
  • other estrogenic substances

Thanks to the compounds mentioned, sage essential oil for internal use would seem to help concentration, attention, decision-making processes and memory. There mother tincture of Salvia is currently being studied to improve cognitive functions in Alzheimer's patients. Sage essential oil is one of the natural remedies forMouth ulcers.

Where to buy sage essential oil?

As stated, generally the essential oil ofsalvia officinalisit is more expensive than that extracted from other species. The best prices are obtained by buying and selling online. For example, “at this Amazon address” you can get bottles of sage essential oil, even organic (with organically grown sage) at great prices.

Other uses

This essential oil can be used to relieve menstrual pain, prevent gynecological diseases and regulate the cycle. The active ingredients contained in this oil are supposed to helprebalance hormone levels.

It can be useful in counteracting water retention: just dilute a few drops of this oil in a spoonful of vegetable oil (including olive oil). The ointment thus obtained can be used to massage the richest areas of fat to eliminate cellulite.


This essential oil cannot be used inpregnancyand during breastfeeding. Among the other contraindications is the one common to all essential oils: it cannot be used pure because it would end upurticareisstrongly irritateSkin. This is why all essential oils must be diluted before use or intake.

How to make sage essential oil at home

For the production of sage essential oil in the home we refer you to two articles:

  1. How to grow sage
  2. Steam distillation

To prepare a few ml ofessential oilseveral kg of raw material are needed (leaves and twigs of the sage plant).

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