French bulldog: origins, appearance, character, care and price

French bulldog: origins, appearance, character, care and price

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French bulldog, a dog that is French only by adoption. Because we will discover that the breed was born in England but it is always in England that it is despised and socially “reborn” in France. It is a breed of companion dogs, that of French bulldog, and falls into the category of molossoids small size.

French bulldog: English origins

The origins of the French bulldog are to be found in the mythical period of the industrial revolution, and we are obviously in England. We find this dog in the company, or rather, to keep company with the laceworkers.

These women, who will be famous for various claims and courageous acts, also had the great beautiful habit of accompanying a dog. That dog is then the ancestor, the precursor, of French bulldog. Yes, because at first it was a dwarf English bulldog but then this breed was crossed with the pug and the terrier to obtain a softer, gentler and physically fit animal. here is the French bulldog.

Why French is never easy to say: a few years later these workers had to emigrate to France and their mascot dog brought it with them. On the continent, where "liberté egalité fraternité ". The French bulldog he found a peaceful place in which to feel appreciated. And here he is French by adoption: he immediately conquered Paris growing in popularity and coming to be hosted in the rooms of wealthy American families.

French bulldog and toy-bulldog

To understand a little better this fascinating story hidden in the quiet and cheerful aspect of the French bulldog we must go to the period in which the fight between the English dogs and the bulls was abolished. That was the period in which the breeding of the native breed, namely the english bulldog, had a breakdown, remaining alive only thanks to some enthusiasts who, even in futility, wanted this dog born to fight.

Aside from the purists, others have begun to cross the english bulldog pure and hard with other small dogs to obtain specimens with a more temperate character, also salable as a companion dog, and with a lower cost. here is the French bulldog, after 13 years of attempts and studies. Initially it was called toy-bulldog, for its new use and for the size always mignonne.

First has a peak of popularity, this dog that later became the French bulldog, then comes a collapse: he is mistreated right up to the radiation from the list of recognized breeds. The French bulldog it is pointed out as an unsuccessful experiment, it is sold out for little money as a simple house dog. And it is in this period that he ends up being the dog of the women lace processing while snobbish dog breeders and amateurs don't even want to see it.

You don't have to tell him twice to go to France and it turns out to be a winning choice. Indeed, with revenge, because then he will return to England desired, as the winner. With the new name of French bulldog, in fact, the breed also returns to conquer England itself, which once had "exiled" it while it begins to appreciate its numerous qualities.

King Edward VII buys one, and the French bulldog also comes to the blue blooded class of Vienna. In the living room, coincidentally, of the famous Mrs. Sacher, an eccentric noblewoman who, in addition to cooking, was passionate about cigars and French bulldog.

French bulldog: appearance

The French bulldog it is small in size, reaches a weight between 8 and 14 kg. It has a compact, solid and short structure, the muzzle is characterized by a flattened nose and typical called ears "Bat", of medium size, wide at the base: characteristics of the French bulldog. The nose is black and wide, the tail is "buttoned", the hair is short and of uniform length all over the body, and can be not only one color but also brindle - “bringèe” - and white with striped patches - “caille”.

French bulldog fawn

The mantle of the French bulldog it can be of various colors if in one color, including fawn. There are various shades, you will tell me, but the standard admits them all and they are also among the most frequent among those seen around, in the old continent. In addition to normal brindle and to the white variant with black spots, one can also surprise a French bulldog with a white background tint and tawny spots instead of black. It is named after caille fauve, then.

Blue French Bulldog

There is also the Blue French Bulldog. The doubt, the perplexity, remains, and it is legitimate because this color is not official, not everyone knows about its existence and it is an invention that comes up overseas. The first to select the color blue for the French bulldog in fact it was the Americans, the American breeders. The initial purpose was to select and "promote" their litters as "rare" and "valuable". From what comes what, from bizarre fashion often comes from, and now this French bulldog blue could take hold.

Actually the blue hair is caused by recessive gene “D” which dilutes the color (eumelanin) and this can cause various problems, especially of a dermatological type. An example for all, the most frequent: dermatitis. The blue color for the hair of the French bulldog is not recognized by the standard, for now, and there are those who argue that it is incorrect to look for blue litters instead of selecting specimens for morphological / health aspects much more important.

French bulldog: brachycephaly

The French bulldog is a branchicephalous breed. We explained once and for all that the brachycephaly of the skull is when the width prevails over the length. It is a characteristic of flat-nosed dogs such as the Pug and the English Bulldog, passing through the Boxer it's ours French bulldog. Branchycephaly leads to breathing problems, accentuated by humidity.

French bulldog: character

The character of the French bulldog he is a beautiful character, beyond his fur. It is a dog that is immediately very attached to its master, it is good at defending him, guarding his possessions and his honor, but also keeping him company in a present and active way. At first glance it makes a little scene and looks bad, the French bulldog, but has a good and sweet character, even with children.

It is an easy dog ​​to educate, always affectionate and intelligent, and lazy too: he spends hours and hours sleeping and loves being the center of attention, being looked after. When he comes out of laziness, it is for playing, another passion of his besides sleeping.

French Bulldog: relationship with other dogs

The French Bulldog is a very balanced breed of dog therefore you can rest assured that he will never fight with other dogs. If he finds the other four-legged friend nice, then he likes to play even for hours, otherwise he just ignores him.

It must be emphasized that the French bulldog is endowed with great courage, so if threatened and if the other dog behaves too aggressively, he will not have problems reacting without taking into account the size difference.

French bulldog: cures

Beyond the color, blue or fawn or whatever, the hair of the French bulldog it is delicate because it has no undercoat. Threatened by dermatitis or other skin problems, it can sometimes present alopecic areas (hairless) that do not disappear, for this reason it must be taken care of very well, with a grooming every now and then, but regularly, and a lot of control.

In case of childbirth, one thing to watch out for is dystocia. That is when a puppy positions itself transversely to the birth canal and blocks it, forcing us to choose the Caesarean section.

French Bulldog: breeding and price

Being a very delicate breed, the French bulldog should definitely not be purchased from shops, on the internet, at fairs or otherwise. Better to prefer good breeding to avoid defects due to poor care that could shorten the life of the dog. At the time of purchase you must expect a pedigree that ensures the absence of defects that can give rise to pathologies from a puppy or when the dog has already grown.

This breed is very widespread in Italy and consequently there are dozens of ENCI French bulldog farms throughout the territory: just think that the Lombardy region alone has 25.

The cost of a purebred French Bulldog puppy starts from 1,000 Euros up to over 1,500 Euros.

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