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Great Dane Harlequin

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Great Dane Harlequin, a dog that from ancient Greece looks at everyone from top to bottom. Recently a 109 cm one entered the Guinness World Record, in general its dimensions are however exaggerated: the height at the withers is at least 80 cm for males and at least 75 for females. Phenomena aside, it is a tall dog, thegreat dane harlequin, but this is not its only advantage. He comes from Germany, and is very very tolerant, so much so that he is treated by children as a play horse without reacting.

Great dane harlequin: origins

Known as "the Apollo of the dogs"great dane harlequin as we have, it was already known in Ancient Greece. We have to go back to 407 AD. , when part of Europe was invaded by the Alans. From the people of the Alans from which the dog takes its name as it is the animal that followed them. We are facing massive and strong mastiff dogs. I our case, harlequins.

The Germans are fascinated by these huge animals and gradually refine their characteristics over the centuries, obtaining the current one great dane harlequin that we know. The most interesting crossings were those with the Irish Greyhound. The harlequin Great Dane is called that in Germany, in Denmark it has a name of its own - Great Danish - but in truth the country has made no contributions to its selection and development.

Great dane harlequin: appearance

Of all the varieties of Great Dane, the'Great Dane Harlequin it is the one with the largest size, with a height that in some cases reaches one meter. Like his other Alani colleagues, however, our harlequin has a proud and elegant appearance, a harmonious whole in the structure that the almost exaggerated height cannot compromise. Among all molossoids, category to which it officially belongs, the harlequin Great Dane stands out for its height, but also for a certain slender and lean physique, and a very short coat.

The harmony of'Great Dane Harlequin it is also found in the physical details, for example in the head, large but measured in size, and very expressive. He has a friendly look but always elegant, never rough, despite his very large and black "big nose". Only ingreat dane harlequin, among other things, the truffle can also be marbled or flesh-colored. The muzzle of this dog is rectangular and not pointed, with pigmented or flesh-colored lips.

In addition to being dark and sweet, the eyes ofgreat dane harlequin they are almond shaped of medium size, with a lively, intelligent and friendly expression, they are tolerated wall eyes and heterochromia, which does not happen in other types of Great Dane. Moving on to ears and tail, the former are naturally hanging and inserted at the top, not too big, while the tail goes to refine towards the tip and when in motion it transforms into a saber, at times “dangerous”. If our Great Dane he is too enthusiastic he may involuntarily “whip us”.

Great Dane harlequin: character

Apollo or not Apollo, l'Great Dane Harlequin has a lovely character and proves to be a perfect fit pet. Despite his size, he loves to stay at home, stretching out on the sofa or on the carpet, letting himself be "tortured" by groups of noisy children, without protesting. It is serenor and peacefulindeed, also protective against human pests.

IS' lazy, but if we invite him to play outdoors, he gladly accepts, as long as he stays in company. L'great dane harlequin in fact, he loves being pampered and caressed, he constantly seeks contact, so it is suitable for people who love contact and are not bothered by the fact that they have a huge dog that looks for him without shyness. In addition to being company, thegreat dane harlequin it is also an excellent watchdog, attentive and thoughtful in action.

In moments of acute tension he can become aggressive and nervous, given his mass it is therefore good to educate him immediately, so that he grows balanced and obedient. It's a lot intelligent and docile who learns immediately: training him will not be difficult. He is peaceful even with other dogs, and cats do not bother him: thegreat dane harlequin he is a good giant, if respected and if he does not perceive dangers.

Great dane harlequin: nutrition and care

Let's look at it carefully: it is obvious that during the day a great dane harlequin eat at least one and a half kg of meat, often supplemented by carbohydrates such as bread, rice and then vegetables. If we use canned food, it has to be an equivalent amount, because it has to keeping fit, without exaggerating and weighing down, but not even starving. This diet must be accompanied by daily physical activity: even if lazy, thegreat dane harlequin must be convinced to move a little. It is also advisable not to let him sleep in damp and cold places.

Great Dane Giant Harlequin

The nickname of giant is often associated withgreat dane harlequin, being the specimen, the type, of Great Dane, the largest there is. Or so it seems, although in truth the size does not depend so much on the color, but on its own blood lines. However, his fame as a giant still sticks to him and he doesn't mind. His mass, his height, do not hinder him in wanting to stay at home with his master, in contact. With children, if there are any, lying down, in the center of the family or a scope of pampering.

Great Dane Harlequin Blue

The variety great dane blue shows some particular characteristics that distinguish him from his fellow Alani, however he is also of German origin and very tall. In the Great Danes blue, for example, the truffle is anthracite color and not black black, but a sort of diluted black, furthermore the standard allows the eyes to be slightly lighter than the dark one required for other types of the breed.

The coat is very short and shiny, it will never be found dull or with undercoat. Blue is one of the varieties of the great dane that is also found fawn and brindle, black and harlequin. The blue tint is a pure steel blue, in which white markings on the chest and feet are allowed while a defective is considered blue color with tawny or black shades.

Let's also look at the other colors: the fawn goes from light golden yellow to intense golden yellow with black mask and no white spots. The brindle too has a light yellow-gold or intense yellow-gold background but shows clear black streaks in the direction of the ribs and a black mask too.

L'great dane black is black lacquer, white spots on the chest and feet are allowed and there is also the "Manteltiger"With a black trunk while the muzzle, neck, chest, belly, limbs and the tip of the tail may be white. Another variety of the black variety is that of alani “Platten”Which are negative, white background with large black spots.

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