Homemade ecological detergents for the washing machine and dishwasher

Homemade ecological detergents for the washing machine and dishwasher

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Homemade ecological detergents: here are the recipes for making a detergent for washing dishes both by hand and in the dishwasher and the recipe for a detergent for doing laundry in the washing machine. It is now known to everyone that the detergents we usually use to do laundry, the dishwasher or to clean the house are among the worst pollutants for the environment. Is there a less polluting alternative? An alternative solution is represented by homemade detergents: we are talking about natural and economic remedies that many people sensitive to environmental problems are rediscovering and reusing.

Keep in mind that the soaps and detergents that you find on the market impregnate clothes with harmful substances, the same clothes that then come into contact with our skin or that of our children. In the long run, these amounts of chemicals can cause a variety of diseases that we ignore because we are not aware of them.

By using, instead, natural detergents, we will be able to take care not only of the planet and the environment around us, but also of our health. The detergents we are going to talk about are 100% biodegradable, they can also be made by themselves at home, using edible products that we all have in the pantry.

Homemade ecological detergents, recipes

Dishwasher detergent

The ingredients

  • 250 grams of baking soda
  • Demineralized water
  • 30 grams of vegetable Marseille liquid soap
  • 20 drops of lemon
  • Baking paper


Mix all the ingredients in a container then with the help of an ice cream spoon, give the tubs a hemisphere shape and place them on a baking sheet covered with baking paper. Alternatively, you can pour the mixture into the ice molds and obtain parallelepiped-shaped tablets.
Let the mixture air dry until the tablets are completely solid.
At this point, place them in a glass or plastic container and store in an environment away from sources of heat and humidity.

Liquid detergent for washing dishes by hand

Prepare a mixture made of 200 ml of lemon, 200 ml of water, 40 ml of vinegar and a tablespoon of salt. Blend the ingredients then boil the mixture for about 10-12 minutes or until it thickens. Keep the mixture in an airtight container.

If you want an even simpler remedy for washing dishes, you can use pasta starch. You can find it in the cooking water of the pasta and rice. A squeezed lemon, on the other hand, can be passed on the plates as a sort of natural sponge to degrease the dishes and facilitate the removal of the most persistent odors: this is the case of fish-based dishes.

Rinse aid and descaler

To get a good natural rinse aid we can use citric acid powder; just dissolve 15 grams in a liter of demineralized water. Keeping the same proportions, the solution is also optimal as a softener for laundry in the washing machine; increasing the dose of citric acid to 20 g, this becomes excellent as an anti-limescale.

Laundry detergent

The ingredients

  • 200 grams of vegetable soap in flakes
  • 100 grams of baking soda
  • 5 liters of water
  • 30 drops of lavender essential oil


  1. Boil the water in a high pot
  2. When it comes to a boil, slowly pour the soap flakes and mix everything
  3. Let it sit until the soap is completely dissolved
  4. At this point, add the baking soda, stirring slowly
  5. Add a few drops of essential oil and our handmade detergent is ready to be poured into the bottle.

Natural Marseille soap: Another product that easily happens to have at home is Marseille soap, made entirely with plant substances.

For particularly stubborn stains, it is always preferable to pre-treat the garment by rubbing locally with a bar of soap, leave it on for a few hours and then proceed to the actual washing.
Marseille soap is effective for washing woolen clothes, as well as for any type of floor, from tiles to parquet.

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