Drinking fountains for dogs: the best on the market

Drinking fountains for dogs: the best on the market

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Drinking fountains for dogs, and how if you need them. It is essential that animals, including our 4-legged friends, hydrate themselves to the right extent and not just in summer. Optimal health for a dog is ensured by one Proper nutrition, rich in all the essential nutritional elements, yes from good movement, regular and constant, yes, of course, from due medical care, but drinking fountains for dogs ensure another key ingredient. An elixir of long life: water. To this list I add pampering and company, because a dog, without it, lives little.

The drinking fountains for dogs are the containers for water that, at home, in the garden or on the terrace, ensure our friends can drink even in our absence, to have fresh and pure water available. There are various models, from automatic to the simplest, from those that focus on design to those in the shape of a distributor almost like a canary cage. We must make our contribution because the drinking fountains for dogs they are always stocked and the water does not decant too much.

Without drinking fountains for dogs there is the risk that they drink little, relying on the water they find on a walk - puddles? Yuck - or by coming to ask for water from those who go to the bathroom, demanding that they activate the bidet, if any, to quench their thirst. They are no longer comfortable drinking fountains for dogs? Moreover, you will have guaranteed peace in the bathroom, if you place them in more comfortable corners of the house.

Drinking fountains for dogs: anti-dehydration

A dog who drinks little risks it state of dehydration and physiological deficiencies which should not be underestimated at all: they can lead to illness and even death. I do not want to scare anyone but it is important that a dog can draw on clean water sources every day, especially if it is in a particular physiological condition in which the water and drinking fountains for dogs are fundamental.

I am referring to elderly, sick dogs or to lactating or pregnant dogs. Even in normal development it is important to stay alert and check the current level of fluids drinking fountains for dogs. And observe the dogs themselves noticing if the typical ones emerge symptoms of dehydration, even mild: unmotivated weakness, dry mouth and palate, dry tongue, lack of appetite and sunken eyes.

Before we get to all this though, let's place at least a couple of drinking fountains for dogs and we make sure that they are refilled frequently to ensure fresh and clean liquid, free from stagnation and bacteria. If the dog is not enthusiastic it must be solicited, even with small prizes and with many caresses that bring it closer to drinking fountains for dogs until it becomes a habit like any other for him. He'll soon realize it's for his own good.

Drinking fountains for dogs: daily hydration

Experts consider "indispensable" an amount equal to "1 gram of water per day for every kilo of weight" therefore a 20 kg "Fido" should be "watered" daily with about two cups of water. There daily amount of liquid which an animal needs is certainly not such a mathematically definable number, it depends on numerous variables including tonnage and type of feeding.

If we use wet foods, in fact, we must take into account that they already contain about 75% of water, unlike dry ones which contain very little and therefore require the assistance of drinking fountains for dogs bowls for croquettes or similar.

The climatic conditions also vary the dog's need for water, and the physical movement that does during the day. After a run in the park, it will empty them in one fell swoop drinking fountains that he finds at home, after a sleep on the sofa in front of the TV series you prefer, I'll be less thirsty.

Drinking fountains for dogs: not just water

Liquids can also be consumed by the dog from food rich in water or slightly brothy, or from bowls of real broth. We therefore recommend a natural vegetable broth, without adding salt, which also ensures the necessary vitamins. A more summery alternative are the fruit juices, better if homemade and without sugar, or the soya milk, highly digestible and particularly suitable for puppies. On the contrary, never give "normal" milk to the dog and keep away from it drinking fountains for dogs also drinks that contain caffeine or drinks with gas.

Drinking fountains for dogs: how to convince them

The drinking fountains for dogs they are usually an accessory well liked by animals, if not accustomed, however, they could initially appear perplexed, hesitant. Let's not be discouraged, it is very easy to teach them to drink from the bowl.

First of all, we avoid warm or hot water and always leave them drinking fountains for dogs filled with fresh water near the kennel. We also observe the reactions: if they put their paws inside it is often because they see the dirty liquid on the surface: it is a clear sign, even quite rebellious and explicit "change me 'this water, that's disgusting, so I don't drink".

Drinking fountains for dogs: the best on the market

Of course with the drinking fountains for dogs On the market today, things are pretty simple. There are in fact automatic ones that contain filter and electric pump, moreover silent, but which allows the circulation and oxygenation of the water. In this beautifully designed Camon model there is also a replaceable carbon filter to clean and purify the water and an additional interchangeable nozzle to change the water outlet flow.

Always automatic, with a different but equally nice shape, a little cartoon style, there are the drinking fountains for dogs “Mango Water Feeder”. Again two are included carbon filters with a 14 cm high container, also suitable for cats.

More than drinking fountains for dogs, I would define them as real dispensers, very useful and capacious, from 6.5 liters and for less than 30 euros. Again, if we have both dog and cat, they are good for both, and ensure good hydration, fresh water and clear water for everyone.

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