Boston Terrier: character and price

Boston Terrier: character and price

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Boston TerrierBorn in Boston, made in the USA, this is a canine breed officially recognized by the FCI and so loved at home that in 1979 the Massachusetts government proclaimed him the official dog of the state. The Boston Terrier: little big protagonist.

Honors overseas or not, it is an excellent companion dog, wherever it lives, and does not create problems if you keep it in the apartment, on the contrary it also performs well the role of guard dog. As a category the Boston Terrier is morphologically a molossoid and decidedly small, there are three versions of a few kilos of difference.

Boston terrier: origins

The first specimens of Boston Terrier were selected as fighting dogs, from crosses between Bulldog is Terrier various small ones, passing through dogs that are no longer seen around if not rarely: the Bull Terrier and the Pit Bull Terrier.

There are still many doubts about the real origins of the progenitors and the Boston Terrier itself, what is suspected, confusingly, is that crossings have been made including even non-pure breed dogs, mixing English bulldogs, English terriers is French bulldog.

In 1865 the standard began to be defined but in the following years it underwent changes, in 1893 it came for the Boston Terrier recognition by the American Kennel Club and only in the 1920s was the question of color defined which, as we will see, in the breed is a problem in itself.

The story, legendary or not, of the Boston Terrier, must be mentioned, and also verified. In 1865 a certain Robert C. Cooper of Boston owned a dog: Judge. A 15 kg animal, with black spots and white neck, hooked tail, a sort of bulldog but "formed" terrier. He crossed it with a White English Terrier, called Gyp, with a compact body and square and short head, and Eph was born, a brindle puppy with white spots, with the appearance of his father but much smaller, like his mother.

This Eph has "fallen in love" with Kate, 9 kg of golden dog, brindle and with a straight tail, giving life to Tom, finally the first Boston Terrier. Tom weighed 10 kg, brindle with white spots on the muzzle, feet and chest, a short "hooked" tail.

Boston Terrier: character

A very intelligent dog, very sweet, companionable and good with children: the Boston Terrier it's an animal you can't really complain about. And it also barks a little, only if it is strictly necessary to defend the owner or to warn of an emergency, otherwise it does not create any disturbance. If we wish, he can be cuddled in his arms, but he does not impose himself and is also quiet in his kennel to make us "remote" company.

It is lively, the Boston Terrier, if he sees that we want to interact, but he knows how to be calm and discreet in his place. Its small size does not prevent it at all from being and showing itself confident. Self-control: he is not nervous but courageous yes, attentive and perceptive, the perfect playmate for children. He is loyal and tireless, also perfect for those in their first experience with dogs.

Boston Terrier: appearance

Compact and small in size the Boston Terrier exists in three weight categories, as mentioned before: light, under 6.75 kg, medium between 6.25 kg and 9 kg, and heavy, over 9 kg. It never goes over 11 kg, this dog that has a "square", proportionate and muscular physique. The muzzle is squashed and the big, dark and expressive eyes. The pointed ears are straight and small, the legs are slender and the tail is very short.

The hair of the Boston Terrier, short and shiny, smooth and uniform to the touch, it is dappled and spotted with white but must not be too spotted. The preponderance of white on the body is not appreciated. The so dappled coat and the characteristic expression of Boston Terrier they are what makes it more recognizable and recognized than anything else.

Boston Terrier: breeding

Like so many small dogs as he himself is, the Boston Terrier he may be suffering from congenital knee dislocations, oculopathies and heart problems. In the specialized farms checks are carried out on purpose so that there is minimal chance that the dog is not healthy.

To ensure long life and a good life, the Boston Terrier it must be fed in a regular and balanced way, even for the small size it has and which must remain so. Meals complete with what he needs, never risk making him fat, it would harm your health.

Boston Terrier: price

On average in Italy a puppy of Boston Terrier well controlled and “guaranteed” on the farm it varies between 1,700 and 2,000 Euros. In the USA it is very widespread and loved, even among us it is quite known among small-sized apartment dogs.

Its coat requires little care, is suitable for all types of families and characters, has many advantages and meets the needs of those who have no garden but want a lively dog. He is also famous: he appears in some Japanese manga including "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure"And in" To Love-Ru", Which can also be purchased online, if you are curious to see it at work, in episodes, as well as as an extra in many Western films.

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