How to economize at home

How to economize at home

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For many families, economize at homeit is almost becoming a must to make ends meet. L'domestic economyit is a delicate matter and due to the crisis, many Italians have given up on electric heating, so more and more attention is paid to energy efficiency and the reduction of waste, even in the kitchen! Saveit has almost become an obligation and while trying toeconomize at homeit is also possible to safeguard the environment.

Few Italians are really aware of the energy waste associated with their behavior! The first piece of advice we give to those who really want economize at homeis to abandon standby and learn aswitch offreally electrical devices. The results of a survey by the Politecnico di Milano and Legambiente are clear, standby wastes hundreds of euros: leaving the computer on 24 hours a day can cost 130 euros a year, to which another 20 must be added if you leave the speakers and 43 euros if you do not turn off the LCD monitor.

To weigh on the electricity bill are above all Playstation 3 and X-box, which, according to Legambiente, both when switched off and switched on absorb almost the same amount of energy, consuming 5 times more than an efficient refrigerator. Leaving these consoles on means wasting 250 euros a year. The most voracious, even in standby, are photocopiers, printers, digital decoders, routers to connect to the network, televisions and above all video games; even espresso machines have costs: standby generates one waste of money of about 15 euros per year.

Thus, proper use of household electrical equipment could induce aeconomic savingof several hundred euros per year. Not bad right ?!

It can economizeeven on food! If before, on average, we went to restaurants 3 times a month, now the outgoings have halved. Suggest you toSave Moneyon food by giving up the pub or restaurant, it would be a trifle. The best way to eat well is Save Money is to self-produce food. In the garden or on your balcony, you can grow tomatoes, potatoes, chillies, courgettes, strawberries and many other vegetables.

By cultivating the garden you can start exchange groups and ... a big saving of money will also be achieved by making some adjustments to the shopping list: the first rule is ... avoid buying in quantity! Three for two offers are money-suckers to avoid, as well as "random spending". Before leaving the house to shop, check the fridge and cupboard, draw up a shopping list and once in the supermarket, buy only the necessary products, nothing more!

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