Asphalt produced with ELTs

Asphalt produced with ELTs

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With tires out of use you can create floors for interiors and exteriors or even entire road surfaces. As reminds us ofecopneus, leader in the sector of recycling of disused tires, a road built with ELTs (end-of-life tires) it's good for driving and also for the environment. The roads made with tires out of use they are quieter, more draining and therefore safer. Asphalts that contain rubber powder are good for the environment as they allow you to properly recycle waste which, with this process, becomes a precious resource for everyone.

In Italy the recovery and therecycling ofEnd of Life Tires (ELTs)has a story that was told to us directly by Giovanni Corbetta, general manager of Ecopneus, a non-profit for the tracing, collection, treatment and final destination of ELTs.

What use do ELTs find?
Therecycling of tiresinvolves different areas, the transport sector and the green building sector are an example. Rubber made fromrecycled tires it is often used for the construction of playgrounds, sports fields, school classrooms, gyms ... the final material is appreciated because it is able to perform an "anti-trauma" action so as to protect children and athletes in the event of falls. By adding to therecycled rubberan elastomer such as EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer thermopolymer) and joining it to the granules ofrecycled tiresby means of a water-based polyrethane polymer, sheets offlooringwith different degrees of resistance.

The speech is not very different when it comes totire recyclingfor the construction of road surfaces. Theasphaltsmade thanks to ELTs, they guarantee high durability, resistance to atmospheric agents, noise reduction and excellent drainage capacity that makes roads safer even in the rain. Thanks toasphaltscontaining rubber dust, roads with a reduced need for maintenance are obtained. The exploitation of rubber powder from end-of-life tires for the production of asphalt is an added value that is good for the environment and for the motorist.

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