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How to sow the vegetable garden

How to sow the vegetable garden

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Having lots of good fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables on hand means growing it with your own hands. Making the vegetable garden involves a little effort and time to devote to vegetables but at harvest time all the efforts are fully rewarded. Before you get to the harvest you have to do the sowing, the best time for sow the vegetable garden both in the garden and on the terrace it is in spring. But let's see in detail how to sow the garden following some important indications.


How to sow the garden, directions

  • Get the containers, also called seed trays, both in wood and in terracotta with soil composed of loam, peat and a homogeneous mix of clean river sand and garden earth, or in peat discs.
  • To avoid stagnation, place a little expanded clay on the bottom to allow the water to flow, in case of too much water
  • Get a stick to create a hole and place two or three seeds
  • Proceed to compact the soil, then adding a small layer of earth, using a sieve.

How to sow the garden, care and maintenance of seeds

  • To water the seeds, do not resort to rain watering cans as they would move the soil, ruining all the work done
  • To humidify the soil, get a larger container with decanted water, and place the container with the seeds in it and wait for the earth to soak from below, becoming even darker, before removing it
  • To facilitate germination, cover the container with a glass plate and place it in a bright environment, with a temperature around 18 - 20 ° C, until the seeds germinate.
  • As soon as the first seedlings appear, place the glass higher up until all the seeds have germinated.
  • Always make sure that the soil is constantly moist
  • When the seedlings are all sprouted, place them in other containers with the same method previously described, with exposure to the sun. Alternatively, if the climatic conditions allow it, arrange for planting in the garden or on the terrace.


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