Beghelli photovoltaic system

Beghelli photovoltaic system

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The Golden Tree is a solution ofplant Beghelli photovoltaic born for those who do not have the possibility to install a photovoltaic roof but do not want to give up the power of the sun. L'Beghelli photovoltaic system "Albero d’Oro" has been on the market for a couple of years, it uses a system photovoltaic high concentration that promises to repay the environmental costs of production in terms of clean energy generated with a "energy payback " only 6 months.

Beghelli photovoltaic system and high concentration system
L'Beghelli photovoltaic system uses a high concentration system (HCPV); high concentration solar systems are an excellent solution for generating renewable energy without impacting too much on the environment. The low environmental impact is not only linked to the clean energy generated by the plant but also to the nature of the materials:Beghelli photovoltaic system, as well as most concentrating photovoltaic systems, they can be largely recycled. In a rough calculation it can be stated that 95% of the materials that make up a concentrated photovoltaic system can be recycled. An HCPV system is made up of 47 percent steel, 30 percent aluminum, 20 percent glass and only 3 percent is non-recyclable elements.

Beghelli photovoltaic system and solar tracking
Among the strengths of a Beghelli photovoltaic system "Golden tree", his ability to "solar tracking ". Golden tree, just like a sunflower, was born to follow the sun. The solar tracking system is made possible thanks to two rotational movements that govern the portion photovoltaic. An Azimuth Rotation movement allows the tracking of light due to the short trajectory movements of the sun. A Zenith Elevation movement ensures excellent pointing accuracy following the vertical trajectory movements drawn by the sun. In theBeghelli photovoltaic system Golden Tree, solar tracking is made possible both by an integrated astronomical clock and by a solar camera.

Beghelli photovoltaic system and Grid Parity
Grid Parity is defined as the equal economic convenience between the purchase of clean energy and that from fossil fuels. With a Beghelli photovoltaic system of type Golden Tree, it has been estimated that, in the short term, even a small business can achieve parity in production cost with respect to the purchase price of electricity from the grid. In Italy, a medium-small user pays about € 0.20 per kwh of energy purchased.

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