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Zero-rate energy savings for southern companies

Zero-rate energy savings for southern companies

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Aid to Southern businesses on the energy saving. The companies of Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Sicily will be able to benefit in 2014 from subsidized loans at zero interest rate for the reduction of energy consumption.

Watch out for the Official Gazette: the procedures for submitting applications will be defined in early June with a decree from the Ministry of Economic Development, and there is the usual risk that the available funds will run out in a short time.

In addition to operating in one of the aforementioned southern regions, companies that want to access incentives for the energy saving approved by the Ministry of Economic Development, they must operate under ordinary accounting, have been established for at least two years and registered in the Business Register.

What can be financed? Investments aimed at energy saving which provide for a change in the production process such as to obtain a nominal reduction in primary energy consumption by at least 10%. The investments must also concern one or more of one of the following categories of interventions.

Energy saving through the thermal insulation of the buildings within which the company's economic activities are carried out. For example, the refurbishment of coatings (thermal insulation), flooring, window holes including fixtures, insulation, materials for eco-building and insulation compatible with the specific production processes of the company.

Energy saving through the rationalization, efficiency and / or replacement of heating, air conditioning, power supply and lighting systems. These interventions can be financed even if used in the processing cycles and functional to the reduction of energy consumption. The latter is the case of building automation systems, low-consumption motors, electric power factor correction of motors, installation of inverters and systems for managing and monitoring energy consumption.

Energy saving through the installation of systems and equipment functional to the containment of energy consumption in the processing and service delivery cycles.

Energy saving through the installation, but for self-consumption purposes only, of plants for the production and distribution of thermal and electrical energy within the production unit. It is also possible to finance the recovery of process heat from furnaces and plants that produce heat, or that involve the reuse of other forms of recoverable energy in processes and plants that use fossil sources.

What are the eligible expenses? They are considered eligible for the aid scheme for the incentive of energy saving only the expenses incurred after submitting the subsidy application which relate to the purchase of new tangible and intangible assets such as: masonry and similar works of no higher value, for investments other than thermal insulation of buildings, to 40% of the investment; machinery, plant and equipment; computer programs in line with the needs of the company and functional to monitoring energy consumption.

How much is the funding for each company? The investment programs for the energy saving submitted by companies must include eligible expenses for amounts not less than 30 thousand euros and not more than 3 million euros. Of the applications considered eligible, 75% of the eligible expenses will be financed, to be repaid over 10 years without interest in constant half-yearly installments.

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