Wind power

Wind energy produced in Italy

Wind energy produced in Italy

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L'wind energy in Italy produces electricity capable of satisfying the energy hunger of as many as 15 million people. This is what Anev reported, National Wind Energy Association. Thereelectric capacity produced by the wind in Italy is equal to 15 Twh (Terawatt hour).

"Wind energy alone in Italy today produces 15 TWh (Terawatt hour), capable of covering the domestic needs of 15 million people and providing environmental benefits".

Thanks to the energy produced bywind power in Italy, Italians save about 19 million barrels of oil and the environment avoids the emission of about 10 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. These are still estimates reported by the National Wind Association.

The report was published about the new alarm launched by the IPCC (Intergovernmental panel on climate change), scientists who study the climate on behalf of the United Nations, with the second part of the V assessment report. The IPCC alarm sees the world seized by a series of natural disasters dictated by problems related to climate changes. The message of the Anev is clear: man can anticipate to mitigate or even stop the damage related to climate changes.

Let us not let foreseen calamities catch us unprepared - observes the Anev - we focus onwind power and on renewables. Climate change represents the main danger for humans, but also for fauna and birdlife and only thanks to the production of electricity from clean sources, such as wind power and the use of energy efficiency, will it be possible to combat them ".

The Anev appeal ends with a run for cover.
Governments around the world - concludes Anev - they still have time to limit the damage caused by global warming, but without immediate action the effects will be catastrophic and irreparable“.

To increase the energy productivity ofwind power in Italy you should aim foroffshore. The potential ofoffshore wind in Italy there are, but, according to what Ewea claims (European Wind Energy Association) L'offshore wind in Italystruggles to leave due to too much bureaucracy and inadequate rules that block the development ofItalian wind power.

To date, thewind energy in Italy in the offshore sector, it counts ZERO plants, despite the several miles of coastline. There is no lack of projects, first of all that of her Mediterranean Wind Offshore (Termomeccanica group), 136 MW in the Gela fold with 3.5 MW turbines. In Italy, the best sea foroffshore wind it is the Tyrrhenian Sea but also the Adriatic offers suitable sites.

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