Propagation of citrus fruits, effective methods

Propagation of citrus fruits, effective methods

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Propagation of citrus fruits: the citrus fruits they lend themselves to different methods of propagation, the effectiveness and convenience varies depending on whether they are hybrid varieties (ie obtained by crossing two or more varieties of the same species) or not. In the article we will see the main methods ofpropagation of citrus fruits.

Propagation of citrus fruits:

  • sowing
  • cutting
  • layering
  • grafting

Theresowingit is the most traditional method and is used above all to produce rootstocks, that is, plants with a robust root system and very resistant.
-Not suitable for hybrid varieties.
-The best time for thesowing of citrus fruitsit is spring, between March and April.
-After three months of sowing, the plant will have reached a height of about 10 cm.
-The plant can be grafted after 1-2 years.


The cutting
With thepropagationby cuttings you will get a specimen completely identical to the mother plant. It is not suitable for all citrus fruits.
-Plants obtained by cuttings have a weak root system and do not last over time.
-The best time for thecitrus cuttingit is June-July.
-The cutting is performed on a 1-2 year old branch, about 15 cm long, taken from the mother plant.

With thepropagationby layering you will get a specimen completely identical to the mother plant, together with the cutting and sowing, it is among the easiest methods forpropagation of citrus fruits.
-The best period for layering on citrus fruits is from May to June.
-The layering is performed by taking a straight branch of one to two years and with a diameter of 1-2 cm.
- The "decortexed" part must be dusted with a product capable of stimulating the emission of the root.


Margotta on lemon, when?The ideal period is from May to June.

The graft
With thepropagationby grafting a more robust and long-lived specimen will be obtained, the result of the union of two plants: one provides the root system (rootstock), while the other (called scion or graft) develops the crown.

What type of graft to use for the propagation of citrus fruits?
The types of grafts most suitable for the propagation of citrus fruits are split grafting, crown grafting and vegetative bud grafting.


-The best time to perform split grafting or crown grafting on citrus fruits (lemons, oranges ...) is April-May.
- The period indicated to perform thebud graft vegetating on citrus fruits is from June to August.

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