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Garden care and garden appliances

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There garden care it is more and more a thing for women, it focuses on safe and easy to use tools, causing more than 30 thousand domestic accidents every year. And we start talking about garden appliances, new definition, to describe the range of machines that include the garden care between daily activities.

That's where the home gardening according to the infallible observatory of trade fairs, from Sant’Alessandro to Bergamo to the Varese Fair. Let's go in order.

Garden care more and more pink

Women now buy seven out of ten garden tools, and this is also why the definition of garden appliances. It follows that brushcutters, hedge trimmers, loppers and chainsaws must be light and easy to handle, easy to use and silent. In one word: electric.

Indeed, it is time for electric garden tools. Let's take an electric hedge trimmer for example: it is lighter than a petrol hedge trimmer (about 35% less), has less vibrations (50% less) and is quieter (70 dB vs 105-110 dB).

An electric tool is also easier to use and in terms of performance, if we are talking about home use (not professional), there is all the power and autonomy you need (battery technology is making rapid progress). We add that electric tools pollute and dirty less (no petrol cans are needed in the garage) and there is everything that women like.

Garden care and household injuries

Among the things that are little known we can put the relationship between the care of the green and accidents at home. According to Istat, about 30 thousand accidents occur every year in Italy during the garden maintenance. The riskiest operations seem to be lawn mowing and hedge pruning.

Also in terms of safety, electric garden tools have advantages over those equipped with a petrol engine. The difference is all too obvious when it comes to lawn mowing robotic drones, which minimize fatigue and reduce the possibility of accidents to almost zero. With the possibility of having a perfect lawn.

Here if you are looking for an electric garden shredder.

Here if you are looking for an electric garden lopper.

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