Wind power car, for green travel

Wind power car, for green travel

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L'wind power carfrom the bodywork you don't expect: the car is innovative but the design is extremely retrospective. After Stella (the solar-powered car) and following the Hydromoving (the very Italian car powered with dirty water) to bring a "gust of wind" of news in the sector ofgreen mobility, here comes thewind power car.

L'wind power carwe are talking about is the result of an experimentation by the Working Group coordinated by Jong-Jin Park, of the Chonnam National University of Gwangiu, and which includes the University of Seoul and the Samsung Research Center.

How does thewind power car?
L'wind power carit is powered by a generator which by means of a motion realizedpreciselyfrom the wind, it produces energy by exploiting the transfer of electrical charges between different materials. The internal mechanism uses a multi-material structure which, driven by the wind, seems to wave like a flag, managing to produce energy.

According to what was stated by the group of Jong-Jin Park, this system, mounted on the roof of a car (it would have the dimensions of 7.5 centimeters by 5 cm) could produce an amount of energy equal to 0.86 milliWatts.

Transforming air into energy - Korean researchers explain - it is a very simple and inexpensive mechanism, based on a sort of 'flag' obtained from a flexible material similar to a fabric, covered with a thin metal layer. Waved by the wind, the flag hits a rigid surface of a different type of metal: it is this movement, through the rubbing, that causes the transfer of electrical charges“.

This of the Korean group is not the only onewind power carof history and above all it is not the only vehicle arenewable energy. Beyond thevery specialcars mentioned in this article we recommend othersrenewable energy vehicles:

  • Wind power car, Car-D-Board
    The only peculiarity of this car is not the wind power supply: the car is made of recycled cardboard (apart from the floor which is made of recycled plastic). The tires of the Car-D-Board are airless and incorporate large fans that act as perfectly integrated wind generators.
  • Wind power car, Ventile Car
    The car is characterized by a very light chassis and is a hybrid powered by gigantic wind wheels.
  • Wind power car, Wind Explorer
    The car traveled about 5,000 kilometers between the Australian coasts using thewind energy.
  • Turanor solar powered catamaran
    The largest solar-powered catamaran in the Globe has managed to sail most of the planet's seas, circling the world in 584 days.
  • SolarImpulse Solar Airplane
    The SolarImpulse is a full-fledged airplane and runs on solar energy.
  • Solar powered car
    There are countless prototypes of solar-powered cars, many have also been made with DIY, an example is the car of the young Zhuzhen Lin who, investing 1,800 euros, converted an old carcass destined for burglary into an electric car powered by Sun. Among the various prototypes developed in the professional field we point out the Lotus solar car.
  • The bike
    It leads everywhere and has infinite theoretical autonomy.

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Wind power car, to go where the wind takes you
Wind power car, to travel with a tailwind

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