Hyundai i40 hybrid, the low consumption wagon

Hyundai i40 hybrid, the low consumption wagon

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There Hyundai i40 hybridit has been presented surprise on the occasion ofParis Motor Show 2014, it is a car dedicated to the public who loves low fuel consumption without sacrificing spaciousness. There Hyunda i40 hybridis the dual engine version of the classic Korean wagon. Powered by the 1.7 diesel engine combined with an electric powered by 48 V batteries, the car boasts of cutting CO2 emissions by 20% compared to the version with the internal combustion engine alone.

ThereHyundai i40 Hybridit will soon be added to the list of hybrid cars on the market in Italy and will do so with a 1.7 CRDi endothermic engine combined with an electric engine powered by a 48 volt battery pack.

The unprecedentedHyundai i40 hybrid adopts a 48-volt carbon-lead battery that increases power by 15 percent while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by up to 20 percent. The "hybrid solution" that associates power with diesel fuelwith an electric motor, it is perfect for the public who until now chose thedieselto save on the running costs of the car.

InHyundai i40 hybrid, the traditionalalternatoris replaced by the belt driven generator (BSG), thus, thethrusterit is able to restart without too many vibrations and without noise, increasing the comfort on board. ThereHyundai i40 48V Hybridit can operate, at low speed or at cruising speed, in modeelectric onlyso you can access the restricted traffic areas and travel with zero emissions.

Braking battery regeneration system
The BSG works like a small generator that powers the lead-carbon batteries both during deceleration and when braking.

In acceleration, the BSG goes to assist the thermal engine by reducing consumption and adding power: thanks to theelectric thrusterwhen accelerating, the car can count on a power surplus of an additional 10 kW. When paired with a larger turbocharger, the performance of thei40they can grow up to 155 hp, with a maximum torque that can reach 360 Nm.

The battery alcarbon-leadit does not require special cooling systems, so it was housed in the spare wheel compartment, without compromising the car's load capacity.

Hyundai i40 48V Hybrid Price

I'm not yetleakedrumors about theprice of sales and theExitof thei40 hybrid but we can make some For what concernpricewe can foresee acostonly slightly larger than the current i40 diesel model. The technologies adopted on thei40 hybridthey seem to be economicallyaccessibleso much so that the house could consider applying the same solutions on future production cars. The cost could be around 31,000 euros against about 29,000 for the current i40 with a 136 hp diesel engine.

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