From Km Zero to Km Verde

From Km Zero to Km Verde

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From Km Zero to Km Verde: there are those who think so and it is right to reflect. Are we sure that distance (and the consequent savings in emissions linked to transport) is the key? Or are there other factors to consider that make Km Zero (Km 0) a somewhat limited perspective?

According to supporters of the Km Green, this concept includes within itself the logic of Km Zero but aims to actually overcome the idea that the quality protection, freshness and sustainability depend on minimizing the distance between the place of cultivation and the place of consumption.

Km Green means no theft of value and let's take an example: buying a bottle of Australian wine it may happen (not always obviously) to read printed on the label 'Credit to CO credito'To mean that all the criteria that minimize emissions have been met in order to put that product on the market.

Buying a bottle of Italian wine can mean instead (obviously not always) taking home a product to which they correspond harmful emissions for the environment equal to a car traveling 20 km at 120 km per hour. Given the goodness of wine, what is better then?

In the new logic of Green kilometer the entire supply chain, from seeds to agricultural and agronomic techniques, from the protection of agricultural work to respect for the added value generated by all operators (to get to the packaging and preservation methods of the product), are inspired by criteria Socialing, that is, to a new model of economic and cultural development.

To explain what the Socialing and the Km Green the first was born European Socialing Forum which will take place in Milan, headquarters of EXPO 2015, on 15 May 2013 (Palazzo delle Stelline). We will also talk about Cultivated Earth Palace, of Seed Bank and of International Tribunal of Cultivated Land Rights.

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