Supports to carry the smartphone on a bike

Supports to carry the smartphone on a bike

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With numerous applications smartphone dedicated to the world of two wheels on pedals, the need arises to transport it smartphone in bike, perhaps anchoring it to the handlebar with a special one support. In this context, the market does not disappoint us, in fact there are various types of smartphone holders for bikes, from universal ones to those smartphone-specific.

Between smartphone holders for bikes of the universal type we find the Run n'Bike, costs 19 euros and is equipped with a very simple mechanism: it is anchored to the bicycle handlebars by means of a band and an anti-vibration handlebar support. The Run n'Bike case is resistant to rain, is light, resists shocks and is universal, therefore compatible with iPhone OS devices, Android smartphones but also blackberries and others smartphone with maximum dimensions 120 x 65 x 14 mm. There is a version of Easy Rider Mini for motorcycles, tested with tests at speeds above 300 km / h.

There are many on Amazon smartphone holders for bicycles even at very low prices. It is clear that by decreasing the investment you risk having to sacrifice quality but it is still possible to find good compromises by spending little.

All models of smartphone holder for bikes can be viewed at Amazon official page of cycling accessories where you can find the most robust and suitable for your needs.

Dedicated to both smartphone Android (including Samsung Galaxy SII, HTC Desire HD / HTC EVO 4G / HTC Inspire 4G, Samsung Galaxy S / LG Optimus 2X, HTC Sensation) that iPhone, is the Bike Mount, a smartphone support waterproof and protected.

For iPhone we have the Bike Dash Cycling, thecustody with support forbicycle adjustable that incorporates various wireless speed sensors, ANT +, HR and power sensor. The entire Bike Das Cycling kit equipped with software costs € 149.99, while only the smartphone support given by a handlebar bridge with metal bracket and bolt for anchoring, it costs 39.95 euros, is available on the Apple store, meets the highest standards of resistance and is called iBike Phone Booth.

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