Homemade detergents

Homemade detergents

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THE homemade detergents undoubtedly represent an eco-sustainable domestic attitude. They are ecological and simple to prepare. How about cleaning the house with i homemade detergents? Here are some recipes of ecological detergents do it yourself.

Homemade detergents for glass
To clean the windows we can use white vinegar. It will be sufficient to fill a spray container with hot water and vinegar, to the extent of 1000 m / l of water per 100 m / l of vinegar. To dry then we could use some newspaper to be recycled. If you do not like the smell of vinegar you can use bicarbonate, in the measure of 50 grams of bicarbonate in half a liter of water. This compound is also suitable for cleaning all washable surfaces in the kitchen and for cleaning the oven, refrigerator and sink. This compound also gives an appearance of shine.

Homemade detergents for health care
To clean the sanitary ware, here is a recipe to prepare
The ingredients:
3 tablespoons of baking soda
150 m / l of water
1 lemon
10 drops of thyme essential oil
pour the baking soda, the drops of oil and the pressed lemon juice into a small bowl and mix to create a creamy mixture.

Homemade detergents for washing dishes and dishes
4 lemons
500 ml of water
250 grams of coarse salt
100 ml of white wine vinegar.
The preparation:

  • Pass the lemon with all the peel in the blender after having cut it into pieces and removed the seeds, and add a little water and salt
  • Cook for about 10 minutes, adding the remaining water and vinegar
  • Mix well until you get a homogeneous mixture
  • Once cooled, pour the contents into the jars.

For use, simply put the right amount on the sponge to wash the dishes. Then rinse with water.

Homemade detergents for the laundry
The ingredients:
1 cup of borax or baking soda,
1 cup of laundry soda,
two cups of soap flakes (possibly from Marseille)
The preparation:
Mix all the ingredients in a container
For use in the washing machine, half a cup of this detergent is sufficient for a normal load.

And if you have a clogged drain, just make a mixture with 200 grams of fine salt and 150 grams of sodium bicarbonate and pour into the drain, accompanied by a pot of boiling water. Warning: boiling water must be poured immediately otherwise you risk clogging the drain.

Biodegradable detergent for doing laundry

The do-it-yourself detergent for the washing machine is quite effective because it combines the stain remover power of Marseille soap with the mild disinfectant power of baking soda. However, in some situations (stubborn dirt, stubborn or too old stains ...) it might be useful to use a more powerful detergent.

In this context it would be better to use biodegradable detergents. Biodegradable laundry detergents have several advantages: they clean like classic detergents (more aggressive) but at the same time respect the fabrics and do not clog the washing machine filter or damage the seals. Conventional detergents tend to accumulate between the seals, in the filter and in other components of the washing machine and, by retaining the dirt, they prevent the water from doing its duty by sweeping everything away. This is the cause of bad smells in the washing machine drum ... in fact, even if the drum is perfectly clean, the bad smells remain because they are located in hidden components. A biodegradable detergent prevents the appearance of bad smells, respects the clothes, does not damage the washing machine and above all does not damage the planet.

The brandWinni'sproposes a biodegradable hypoallergenic laundry detergent, prepared with vegetable oils. The detergent in question has a low environmental impact and is effective already at 30 ° C (it does not require high temperatures to remove stains) and it is also not too expensive: a bottle of one and a half liters costs € 3.89 and can face 25 washes. The detergent in question is based on the antiqueAleppo soap.

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