Energy saving: water

Energy saving: water

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Let us remember that water is a precious and not exactly inexhaustible good, and that the consumption of drinking water implies the emission of CO₂, i.e. pollution. It is true that CO₂ emissions related to the consumption of drinking water are much lower than for heating, transport and electricity, but also the water saving contributes to the reduction of pollution and is a form of energy saving.

A family of 4 people consumes an average of 50-60 liters of hot water per day per person, for a total of 80-100,000 liters in a year. How much power is the same? For the shower, the consumption per person is about 25 thousand liters per year, equivalent to 320 liters of oil. For the bath it goes up to 50 thousand liters / year and to 620 liters of oil. The consumption of the water resource and the related emissions are not entirely negligible and people's behaviors (for example preferring a shower to the bathroom) have a significant impact on water saving and indirectly of power.

If with a traditional tap each person consumes an average of 44 thousand liters of water every year (equivalent to 24 ° liters of oil), with a water-saving tap equipped with an aerated jet breaker you can go down to about 23 thousand liters (150 liters of oil ). The water consumption per person of a traditional washing machine is about 4,700 (55 liters of oil), that of a low-consumption washing machine drops to 2,600 (40 liters). The difference is even more evident when looking at the dishwasher: 7,300 liters of water (250 liters of oil) for the traditional one and 3,650 liters for a low-consumption one (160 liters of oil). The energy saving in terms of water it is evident.

The water then needs to be heated, at least in part. The aforementioned family of four consumes an average of 50-60 liters of hot water per day per person, for a total of 80-100,000 liters a year. Excluding the cost of water, what is the expense? Facts two we discover that to heat the water you spend 516 euros if the water heater is electric, 387 if the water heater runs on natural gas and a figure between 129 and 155 euros if the water is heated with a system that uses solar energy. . Here too it is clear that people's behaviors (in this case the choice of the water heater) are decisive on the energy saving.

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