Cultivation of the sunflower

Cultivation of the sunflower

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The sunflower, which owes its name to the characteristic of following the course of the sun by changing inclination to receive as much light as possible, is a plant that gives flowers with bright colors and large dimensions. There sunflower cultivation it can be done both in the garden and on the terrace and does not involve major difficulties. Below you will find all the directions for grow sunflower without problems.

Grow the sunflower, directions

  • To survive, the sunflower needs constant exposure to the sun for at least 4-5 hours and the ideal temperature is between 12-14 degrees centigrade.
  • Choose an area very exposed to the sun
  • Choose a well-fertile and well-draining universal soil
  • Fertilize with enriched substances based on nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, mixing the earth with peat
  • Sow between March and April, digging holes about 4-5 centimeters deep, spaced between 35 and 70 centimeters to favor root development
  • Put at least three seeds: in the third week after sowing, the first sprouts will come out.
  • Transplant each individual plant into the ground or into pots as soon as the plant reaches about seven centimeters in height
  • Apply bamboo canes to the stem to support the plant as it grows due to its height.
  • Irrigate constantly, taking care to avoid water stagnation
  • Prune the plant only in the case of damaged flowers.

Grow the sunflower, illnesses
One of the diseases that most fear the sunflower it is rust, a disease that causes the leaves to turn yellow. Gray mold is another disease to which the plant is subject, leading to total wilting. Sunflower parasites are the so-called phytophages, which feed on the internal tissues and fluids of the plant.

The sunflower it is an annual plant, therefore the new flowering will take place in the following season: the flowers, once dried, release the seeds directly on the ground from which it will then be possible to reproduce the plant.
As we have already mentioned, the sunflower can also be grown in pots but the species of sunflower small ones are more suitable.

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