Cover with battery for iPhone 5

Cover with battery for iPhone 5

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There are several solutions on the market for reloading iPhone 5 away from home, the most classic example is given by cover which integrate a battery. Among the latest news on the market we point out the Infinity Cell Kinetic Charger, the cover for iPhone 5 which incorporates a battery and a highly efficient generator capable of producing clean electricity with minimal movement and Kudo Case, the cover for iPhone 5 which associated with a photovoltaic panel produces ready-to-use energy to recharge the Apple device.

If two o'clock cover just mentioned are difficult to find on the Italian market (you should buy them on foreign stores or go hunting on platforms such as Amazon and eBay), other opportunities can be seized directly at the Apple Stores or in specialized shops in the sector. This is the case of cover Mophie that does not weigh down theiPhone 5.The battery of Mophie juice pack helium is ultra-compact because it uses special lithium polymers. Mophie juice pack helium recharges via USB connector and guarantees optimal operation for over 500 complete charging cycles. It does not interfere with speakers, microphone, camera and earphones. Its price is around 80 euros. Helium is the cover ultra-thin capable of extending the battery life of iPhone 5 80%, without adding weight or bulk thanks to the lithium polymer technology. The Helium version is 13% thinner than other Mophie Juice Pack cases for iPhone.

Those who do not like even the slightest additional layer can opt for a less invasive solution than one cover with battery! Emergency batteries are easily found on the market, including the mophie Juice Pack Powerstatio external battery, available in white, black and burgundy. It costs around 79 euros and those who choose the Red Product can make an ethical difference: 5% of the net profits of the (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition will be donated to the Global Fund to contribute to the battle against AIDS.

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