How to keep pigeons away

How to keep pigeons away

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THE pigeons they can become a real problem since with their manure they can ruin buildings and monuments and they can also be carriers of infectious diseases for humans: they can transmit ticks, bedbugs, fleas and mites. Not to mention the droppings they leave on the windowsills, terraces, gardens of our house! It should be noted that the law prohibits the capture and killing of pigeons, so it is possible to keep them away from homes without resorting to drastic methods. We will show you below how to keep pigeons away without harming them.

Drive away the pigeons, prevention
If in the area where you live it is chaired by colonies of pigeons it is good to resort to some preventive remedy. In this regard, you must always keep the windowsills, terraces and any ravines clean. THE pigeons they are very attracted to the presence of food, starting with simple crumbs. Bowls with pet food may also attract them. Another necessary thing to do is to close the holes in the walls of the attics and attics.

Drive away the pigeons, natural remedies
To ward off the pigeons, there are several expedients. For example, you can place on window sills, parapets or other surfaces where they are placed the pigeons foil flags or tips applied with silicone. An alternative is to place bowls full of spices in different corners: i pigeons they don't like the strong smell of the hottest spices. Among the most effective spices, we find pepper, chilli and cinnamon.
Because of their reflective surface, old CDs can be an excellent expedient like mirrors, to ward off pigeons: the light reflections they create can frighten birds.
To protect the pots you have on your balcony, it could be useful to insert colored pinwheels inside them: their bright colors, their movements in case of wind and the reflections of sunlight on them can dissuade pigeons from approach pots or balconies.

Drive away the pigeons, intervention of the ASL
If the presence of pigeons becomes a pest and especially if it is associated with the possibility of contracting infectious diseases, it is possible to request the intervention of the Local Health Authority for disinfestation and remediation of the environments.

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