What if they ask you to take your work on vacation?

What if they ask you to take your work on vacation?

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What would you do if they asked you to take work on vacation and to hurry it during the summer holidays? In the event that the employer comes up with a request of this type, 13% of Americans would turn off their mobile phones and pretend not to have heard, 22% would definitely say no, 34% would accept but reluctantly. To say it is the study Work / Life Balance Index carried out by the company TeamViewer out of a sample of 2000 workers in the United States.

But there is also 14% of people who would be happy to take work on vacation and according to the survey it will do so even if not requested, a percentage that rises in the range of the so-called generation Y, the one between 18 and 34 years, statistically the most responsive to work on vacation and where there is a strong need (79%) to have at least one device for the work remotely (smartphone, pc, tablet…) also in holidays.

It must be said that 24% of workers would be worried about this invasion in their personal sphere and 29% would feel disrespected by their boss or boss; 4% would get very angry, 3% would scream and another 3% would quit, while 6% would take action to use holidays, and gladly the company pc, to send curriculum vitae and find someone else work.

In general, however, the number of those who do not consider the idea of ​​strange work during the summer holidays tends to increase (82% in America among generation Y), hand in hand with the number of those who already use the smartphone to do so and those who pack at least three devices (61%) for remote work favoring the smartphone (40%), the laptop (39%), the desktop computer (24%) and the tablet (18%). A sign of the times and new habits, or perhaps of the fact that work 'must be held tight when it is there' even though the research by TeamViewer, a remote control software provider, was conducted in the USA and not in Italy.

The point is that with more and more workers connected to the corporate network during the holidays summer becomes essential to have efficient work tools. Only with tools that allow you to work as efficiently as possible i workers on vacation in fact, they will be able to attend to the paperwork and in the meantime also enjoy some well-deserved rest.

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