EcoBioBall: the eco-golf ball that fish love

EcoBioBall: the eco-golf ball that fish love

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EcoBioBall it's a golf ball that if it ends up in the water if they eat it i fishes. Yes, because the sphere contains a food core that is released when the 100% biodegradable outer covering of the ball melts, which occurs after 48 hours of contact with water.

THE fishes thank, for now, only those who live around the Six Senses Resort in the Con Dao archipelago in Vietnam, and cheer on the beginner golfers who EcoBioBall in the water they often send it to us.

EcoBioBall it is also the ideal ball for all types of practice shots, on the driving range or on the luxurious deck of a yacht, or on top of Elephant Mountain. All possible situations and indeed quite frequent at Six Senses Resort Con Dao.

Certainly more experienced golfers could find it EcoBioBall a little slow to compete in tournaments or the most demanding challenges, but as a tool for practice in effect it is an excellent solution.

The idea of golf ball biodegradable EcoBioBall it is part of Six Senses' commitment to safeguarding the environment and at the same time restores the environmental awareness of golfers. The fish play and the producer of EcoBioBall can only be satisfied with one ball no longer reusable once dropped into water.

Six Senses Resort Con Dao, the first to adopt EcoBioBall, is a luxury resort managed by Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spa, the company that owns the resorts, the Six Senses and Evason brands, as well as Six Senses Spa. The latter is a key element of all Six Senses properties. , offering a wide range of holistic wellness, rejuvenation and beauty treatments administered under the guidance of expert therapists.

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