Feeding the rabbit

Feeding the rabbit

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Thingthey eat rabbits? In the common imagination, the rabbit eats carrots and this is true, carrots are an excellent food for these rodents but as humans do not live on bread alone,rabbitsthey don't live on carrots alone, so today we will see which is theproper nutrition for a rabbit. With asupplyadequate, not only is the state of well-being of the rabbit guaranteed by avoiding the onset of health problems, but better reproductive results can be achieved!

L'feeding the rabbitvaries according to different needs: an adult rabbit will have nutritional needs compared to a female rabbit in gestation or lactation! THEbunniesas soon as they are born, up to the second week of life they only take their mother's milk and only then begin to eat feed and other foods.

The food for therabbitsthe most common is the single-cycle one which contains average values ​​for 17-18% of proteins and 14-18% of crude fiber. We are talking about the classic feed in the form of pellets, suitable for rural rabbit breeding but absolutely unsuitable for dwarf rabbit breeding. In thefeeding the rabbit, the hay must make up about 80% of the rabbit's ration. In the ideal diet, hay must be given with a 2: 1 ratio of meadow hay and alfalfa hay mixed.

THE raised rabbits grazing land can normally feed on grass because they are already used to this type of supply while caged rabbits can be accustomed to grass-based feeding given in small rations. The grass can be both fresh and slightly withered. Those who have enough space can grow oats, tail grass, ryegrass, or even a clover lawn and at the time of cutting, set aside the grass for rabbits!

Dry bread can be fed to the rabbit in an amount of a couple of pieces per day. Dry bread certainly doesn't hurtrabbitsbut the quantities must be limited because the bread contains many carbohydrates and few nutrients and irabbitsthey may prefer it to the detriment of other foods rich in useful substances. A higher amount of bread can be given to the male during the reproductive period.

Who cultivatesvegetable gardenmay very well do without resorting to feed! Together with the hay it is possible to give the rabbit a large quantity of vegetables: fennel, carrots, celery, lettuce, radicchio, cabbage, spinach ... and also aromatic herbs such as thyme, mint, lemon balm, chamomile, sage, rosemary and parsley. Parsley should not be given to pregnant females and in general, potatoes and tomatoes are not suitable for feeding rabbit. Also good for fruit: apples, pears, peaches, apricots, watermelon, melon, bananas and carobs, the latter are perfect especially after weaning.

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