Vegetable fertilizer

Vegetable fertilizer

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L'vegetable garden to guarantee a good harvest, it needs all those conditions of vitality of the soil activated by the microflora and microfauna. For this reason it is essential to resort to fertilization of the soil, which can be of both chemical and organic origin. Chemical fertilizers involve the forced feeding of plants alone, ignoring the life of the soil. Organic fertilizers, on the other hand, aim at the well-being of the soil and the plant. Manure is considered to be one of the best fertilizers for the garden and it is made up of dry grass, straw and the excrement of animals that ferment and decay. We find the bovine, the equine and the chickens. With its pH slightly tending to acidity, manure helps reduce the alkalinity that characterizes calcareous soils.

Vegetable fertilizer, bovine manure
Cow manure is widely used for fertilizing vegetable gardens and gardens and is particularly suitable for sandy soils. For its fermentation it is necessary to wait about six months, however it is necessary to wait at least one year of seasoning to obtain a product ready to be used at its best. Bovine manure has an average of 35 per thousand of nitrogen, 1.5 per thousand of phosphoric acid and 3.5 per thousand of potassium.

Vegetable fertilizer, horse manure
Horse manure is by far considered one of the best manure. It is much less available than beef and has double the amount of nutrients compared to the latter: for this reason it is very expensive. Before being able to use it, it must reach maturity, so you have to wait 6-8 months.

Vegetable fertilizer, chicken manure
Chicken manure is widely used for fertilizing your garden. Also in this case, it should never be used when it is still fresh therefore the soil can be fertilized after having dried it and carefully chopped: it takes about 6-8 months for a complete maturation of this type of manure.

Other types of fertilizer for vegetable gardens

  • The cornunghia: it is very rich in nitrogen and is obtained by drying and roasting the horns and nails that are discarded during the industrial processing of meat
  • Dry blood: it is a by-product of slaughter very rich in nitrogen
  • Fish meal: it is a granular product that is obtained from the processing of fish and also has good percentages of nitrogen and phosphorus.

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