In Venice the Degrowth and Sustainable City Fair

In Venice the Degrowth and Sustainable City Fair

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IdeasGreen also collaborates with Degrowth and Sustainable City Fair of Other Future 2013 scheduled at the Zattere in Venice from 13 to 15 September and in Piazza Ferretto a Mestre from 19 to 22 September. Organic, social, international cooperation, but also solidarity trade and the third sector will be the protagonists of the event and you can meet and get to know each other among the stands.

Not only stand, however, the Fair of Degrowth and the Sustainable City it is also made up of meetings, shows, tastings and book presentations to rethink, and if necessary review, one's being consumers, one's sociability and elaborating together the dream of another possible common future.

There Degrowth and Sustainable City Fair was born in 2012 promoted by AEres - Venice for the Other Economy and counts on the patronage of the Department of Commerce of the Municipality of Venice. The purpose of the initiative is to suggest to citizens answers-proposals for concrete actions for a more equitable, ethical, responsible, respectful of people, the environment, inclusive and social future.

The program of the two stages of the Fair of Degrowth and the Sustainable City is really very rich (you can find it below) and to be discovered but two things we would like to point out: the Literary Café of Altro Futuro with over 14 book presentations created in collaboration with the Marco Polo bookshop and the setting up of a vertical synergistic garden, which will combine the techniques ofsynergistic garden the use of recycled materials (for example plastic trays) with which the garden will also acquire a vertical dimension.

The organizers of the Degrowth and Sustainable City Fair they are rightly keen to let people know that the event is organized solely with the voluntary work of members belonging to the Aeres - Venice association for the Other Economy.

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