Eaton's hand in the wind sector

Eaton's hand in the wind sector

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Over the past twenty years, theEatonhas installed over 30,000 valves around the world. The choice of valves to be mounted on thewind turbinesis operated byEatonbearing in mind the movement of the rotor of each turbine.

L'EatonCorporation, England, has accepted the gauntlet of the wind industry: the wind power plantsthey need ad hoc components and hydraulic systems so the corporation has started collaborations with the main builders ofwind turbines.

In the wind turbinesplumbing systems must have all the characteristics suitable to withstand unfavorable atmospheric agents, adverse temperatures and must be mounted in rather difficult to reach positions: inwind turbinesintended for large systems, the valves are placed on top of a tower, over 100 meters high and in the base on which the systems rest. The valves developed by Eaton, thanks to a simple closed circuit of servo-regulation, they are able to control the flow which is then sent to the cylinders.

In thewind turbinesof large dimensions, the output power is in the range of megawatts and, the rotor as well as the operation of the generator must always be proportional to the wind speed: to maintain this constant adaptation there are control systems of the xStart series. Eaton puts its experience in the wind power sector with the xStart series, with inverters, valves and hydraulic systems, protection systems, pressure and temperature regulation, special equipment to avoid any short circuits and visibility systems.

Eaton Corporation's attention to the renewable energy sector is not expressed only with the production of components forwind turbines (encapsulations, signaling systems, emergency power supply, modular control ...), the presence of this company is also felt in the solar energy sector with components for photovoltaic systems and in the field of biogas plants with control systems "EasyControl ".

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