Mosquito bottle, the do-it-yourself trap

Mosquito bottle, the do-it-yourself trap

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DIY Mosquito Repellent Bottle and other remedies effective for eliminate mosquitoes from home or garden. Come on DIY repellents to natural insecticides.

Artificial insecticides and repellents are not the only solution to ward off mosquitoes. These annoying insects can be eliminated with the use of trapsdo-it-yourself as the hugely popularanti-mosquito bottle, a trap that uses natural components as bait, harmless and easy to find.

Build oneanti-mosquito bottleit is simple and inexpensive: to make this trap it is possible to use recycled materials such as a simple PET bag and cooking ingredients (even expired).

What do you need to build one mosquito trap?

  • abottle2 liter PET
  • 1 gram of yeast
  • 200 grams of hot water
  • 50 grams of sugar
  • an old dark rag

Themosquitoesthey manage to locate theirsdelicious morselsthanks to a mix of carbon dioxide, heat and body humidity.

Theremosquito repellent bottlewill artificially recreate this mixture by attracting and catching mosquitoes. Here's how to go about building the trap:

  1. With a pair of scissors, cut the plastic bottle just above the top edge of the label.
  2. Pour a glass of water with 50 grams of sugar into the base of the bottle.
  3. Add the yeast.
  4. Take the top half of the bottle. Remove the cap and turn it over by inserting it into the plastic base.
  5. With an old dark cloth, wrap the base of the bottle. Even better if you soak the rag with hot water. In any case, if you don't have an expendable rag, you can use a dark bag like those used for the collection of unsorted garbage.

Curiosities about anti-mosquito plants: the fragrant geraniums have been renamed “mosquitaway” because of their ability to ward off mosquitoes and midges. They have abundant blooms and are perfect for balconies and terraces. Don't expect miracles from fragrant geraniums which are more effective against midges. There anti-mosquito plant par excellence is the catambra, just think that the active ingredients are extracted for the preparation of repellents.

Ready-to-use mosquito traps

If you are not a DIY lover, they exist on the marketmosquito trapsready for use. The mosquito repellent bottle is definitely a cheaper solution, however the thin plastic of the bottles tends to deform and therefore you will have to replace it often, in a short turn. This will force you to follow our process over and over againDIY to build mosquito repellent bottles.

For lazy people, rather than building a bottle that needs to be replaced (and therefore rebuilt) on time, it is possible to purchase ready-to-use mosquito traps.

The traps you buy are no more effective thanDIY mosquito repellent bottle, the only difference is that they are made with a more durable and easier to manage plastic. Periodically, simply throw away the liquid containing the mosquito corpses and fill with new bait.

The bait, in fact, even in the case ofmosquito trapsready to use, it must be prepared at home.

Among the various proposals on the market we point out the trap "Gardigo trampa”(She is Spanish) with an excellent quality / price ratio. You can buy it on Amazon at a price of 9.99 euros and free shipping.

For all information, please refer to the product sheet: Gardigo trampa.

The manufacturer recommends putting in a mixture of water, beer and sugar. The result is similar to that of our bait, even in this case, in fact, the trap simulates the presence of a human body although we advise you to add a little brewer's yeast in order to attract mosquitoes and trap them more effectively. .

The same trap (both in the DIY version and the one to buy) can be used to eliminate other insects in the garden. If you want also eliminate flies and wasps, you can build two traps, the first to be filled as seen (for mosquitoes) and, in the second, you can insert the remains of anchovies, perfect for attracting and eliminating flies and wasps.

How to get rid of mosquitoes with natural insecticides

To be truly effective, the baits should be distributed throughout the garden. Of course, a couple of baits can destroy a large number of mosquitoes, perfect for small spaces but if our garden is large, the baits alone cannot be enough.

In this case you can complete the work using anatural insecticideeffectiveagainst mosquitoes.

We are talking about a pesticide widely used in organic farming because, in addition to against mosquitoes, it is effective against garden parasites.

Its active ingredient, "pyrethrin", works very well even if many people, due to a bad way of use, are unable to appreciate it. The treatment against mosquitoes, in fact, it must be performed in the evening, after sunset, so the sun will not be able to affect the effectiveness of its active ingredient which, being natural, is not persistent like other synthetic chemical molecules.

Thepyrethrumis effective against:

1. mosquitoes
2. crop bugs and green bed bugs
3. beetles
4. aphids and plant lice
5. crawling insects
6. white fly
7. earwigs
8. altica
9. common fly
10. many other plant parasitic insects

There are several pyrethrum-based insecticides on the market, they can be purchased in the form of powder or practical liquid spray. L'natural insecticide pyrethrum-based is easily found at specialized garden centers or can be purchased online: a 750 ml package of natural pyrethrum-based insecticide, is offered on Amazon at a price of 13.76 euros with free shipping costs .

Unfortunately, many people are convinced that pyrethrum is not effective but, as I told you earlier, they are wrong to use it!

Pyrethrin is a photosensitive substance (it deactivates in direct sunlight), therefore, especially in liquid form, pyrethrum-based insecticides should be used in the late afternoon. Only in this way can this pesticide manifest its effects and remove the annoyingmosquitoes.

Where to distribute it?
If you have a lawn, you will have to sprinkle it all along the turf, this is where mosquitoes love to hide, in the humidity of fresh grass.

I pointed out a 750 ml pack, but there are also concentrated solutions on the market to be diluted. For example, Bayer's natural insecticide "pyrethrum actigreen" was born for horticultural purposes but can be used very well against mosquitoes because the active ingredient is the same.

In this case you will need to dilute 14-25 ml of product in 10 liters of water in order to have a greater yield and more convenience in large-scale treatments.

The price is 16.81 euros with shipping costs included and, again, for all the information, I refer you to the product sheet: Bayer Pyrethrum actigreen (Bio).

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Video: How To Make A Mosquito Homemade Trap (June 2022).


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