Solar-powered watches, 2013 models

Solar-powered watches, 2013 models

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Thesolar-powered watcheshave become "the standard "of some houses, so much so that there are entire collections that present this type of food and every year, including this one2013, new models arrive all to wear.

Casio has been offering solar-powered watches for years and in July 2013 Casio presented three new models dedicated to a dynamic and adventurous public. Presented at the latest edition of BaselWorld, comes the new PRW-3000, the flagship collection for 2013 from the PRO TREK brand.

The PRO TREK PRW-300 is equipped with numerous functions:
- Tough Solar Power -solar charging
- Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping - radio control
- Water resistance 10bar (100m)
- Low temperature resistance (-10C / 14F)
- Digital compass with bearing memory
- Altimeter
- Barometer with trend alarm
- Thermometer
- Sunrise / sunset time display
- World time for 48 cities
- Fully automatic EL backlight with afterglow
- 4 daily alarms + 1 SNZ
- Stopwatch 1/10 of a second - measurement capacity: 1000 hours
- Countdown timer (24h)
- 12/24 time format
- Power Saving function


The only sore point is the price which amounts to 299 euros for the version with a resin strap and 399 euros for the titanium bracelet. ThewatchesCasio are not the only ones asolar charge. Last 2012, thesolar-powered watchAstron, the first in the industry with GPS. Also in this case, the price is the only sore point, starting from € 1,000!

Continuing to talk about the Seiko, the linesolarit is powered by all kinds of light, not just solar. This feature is very common in the world ofsolar-powered watches, from model to model, what varies are the recharge times and the performance offered by rechargeable batteries. Admirable are those of the PRO Teck brand, Seiko watches from the Solar line are able to provide an hour of charge with about a minute of light exposure. For women's models, two minutes of exposure are required for one hour of operation.


Otherssolar-powered watchesare those of the Citizen Eco-Drive line, also in this case any light source can supply energy to the small rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Prices are closely related to the model and there are offers for every pocket and taste!

Asolar-powered watchmuch more accessible is the one proposed by Sector. Resistant, sporty and sunny! The debut price is around 300 euros, but the lucky ones managed to get it for around 100 euros thanks to promotions dedicated to the Adventure solar power model.

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