How to save at home

How to save at home

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For save at homeyou need to understand where to "to cut". Who is really aware of the actual cost of their consumption? In the morning we get out of bed, prepare breakfast and take a shower, maybe in winter we activate the hot-bath ... Every action that takes placein homehas a price! Forsave at homeyou can start making your electricity and gas bills weigh less.

Heating and air conditioning
Heating and cooling systems weigh the most on our electricity bill. To save on heating, you can play cunning and focus on thermal insulation but those who do not intend to install panels can rely on thermoregulation for effective energy management or, more simply, can reduce the temperature of the thermostat by a couple. of degrees, this gesture allows an annual saving of - 10%. As for the air conditioning, when you operate the air conditioner you should always set a temperature that is no more than 5 ° C different from the outside one.

The Energy Class
When the time comes to replace an appliance, pay attention to the Energy Label! With a Class A washing machine a maximum of 247 kWh will be consumed for 104 washes (expected load of 5 kg and temperature of 60 ° C). For the same washing cycles, with a more energy-intensive washing machine you get to spend the money! Another example is given by the air conditioner, a Class A that runs 500 hours a year, will consume less than 891 kWh for a total annual cost of less than 200 euros. The lowest energy classes, for the same hours of activity, can charge you even more than 300 euros!

What about the refrigerator? If your refrigerator is very dated it could consume more than 781 kWh per year, this translates into an expense of over 180 euros. With a class A refrigerator, less than 300 kWh will be consumed per year for a maximum cost of € 67.50 every 365 days of activity!

Water saving
Continuing to talk aboutcuts, Yes they cansaveover 2,000 liters of water per year if you adopt simple habits such as running the washing machine only at full load, using the shower instead of the bathtub and turning off the water tap while brushing your teeth and soaping your hands. There are many water saving strategies to be implemented, in this article you will find a TOP 20!

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