Barbasso badger, property

Barbasso badger, property

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Mullein, mullein male, barbasco, candle regia or, indeed, barbasso badger. Many names for an important herb in botany and herbal medicine that the ancients used as a remedy against all respiratory ailments such as bronchitis, pneumonia, angina and also for asthma and nervousness. Without exaggerating, because today there are also more effective medicines, infusions and decoctions of barbasso badger they are excellent against cold shocks and for this reason they are used especially in winter.

But the golden yellow flowers of the barbasso badger, in which most of the emollient properties are concentrated, are collected in summer when they hatch one in a row along the stem that supports them. The flowers should be dried and kept for a long time as long as they are protected from light and dark. Very finely chopped, the flowers of barbasso badger they can be turned into a powder that smells like tobacco and helps clear the nostrils in case of a cold.

The leaves of the barbasso badger instead they are harvested in autumn and dried scattered. Even the leaves can be ground to dust and smelled like tobacco, but their action is much more bold than that of the flowers. The same applies to herbal preparations such as infusions, decoctions, hand baths, foot baths, tincture and flower oil.

The barbasso badger it is quite easy to find because it grows spontaneously on roadsides, on banks and in uncultivated fields. It is also easy to recognize by its height, easily exceeds in meters and a half, and by the aforementioned characteristic flowers.

Infusion of badger.It is prepared with half a handful of fresh or dried flowers in a liter of water. After filtering for residues that would irritate the mucous membranes, you can drink three or four cups a day.

Decoction of wild yew flowers. It is prepared with a generous handful of flowers (or alternatively three handfuls of leaves) in a liter of water.

Decoction of wild yew flowers. It is prepared with a generous handful of flowers (or alternatively three handfuls of leaves) in a liter of water.

Beard yew flower tincture. Two handfuls of dried flowers are macerated in half a liter of alcohol for a week. It is used by rubbing the tincture on the chest against rheumatism and respiratory diseases.

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