Agricultural irrigation, methods and efficiency

Agricultural irrigation, methods and efficiency

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THEirrigation methodsemployed in agriculture are many. When a farm is planning the introduction of a new crop, it will have to choose theirrigation methodmore efficient and more suitable for that particular crop.

The simple horticulturist canirrigatehis pots with a small drip system, with an automated system or simply with a manual irrigator but when we talk about having toirrigatehundreds of hectares of land, which are theirrigation methodsmore reasonable? The method more efficient seems to be the drip one, in this system, the water is applied directly in the vicinity of the root system through the use of applicators which can be porous tubes, perforated tubes, emitters ... Usually theirrigationdrip is used to water fruit and vegetables, drastically reducing evaporation and studying a personalized plan that takes into account the specific needs of the plant.

For particular crops - an example is that of rice -, theirrigation systememployee and the so-called "flood ",it consists of a sort of "flood" that submerges the entire surface. In regions where water is abundant, alluvial irrigation is the cheapest method as it does not exploit any technology: with this method there is a water waste of about 50%, in other words, only half of the water used to irrigate plants it is actually used by crops.

A very popular method involves setting up a structure related to a movable arm that represents the water sprayer. The sprayer supplies water to the plants by moving along the pilot structure. This system consists of a triangular metal frame placed on two wheels (such a system can be seen in our photo gallery). Very similar to the system described is the so-called "LEPA", also in this case there is a central pin and a mobile structure but the efficiency of theirrigationreaches about 90%: the water is not sprayed along the furrows but directly on the crops.

More information onirrigation methodsare available at this address.

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