The photos of the best indoor plants

The photos of the best indoor plants

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Theindoor plantsthey are a great way to decorate your home with little money. Today we offer you a collection ofphotoof theindoor plantsfor every need: in furnishing the home withindoor plantswe must keep in mind the needs of the plant organism we are hosting. How much light will it need? Whichhouseplantdo i have to choose if i want to place it away from a window? And again… what are theindoor plantswhich in addition to conferring an aesthetic value are also able to purify the air of the house? These and other questions will be answered in ours photo galleries.

Nature is full of beauty. In the midst of modern technology, people are increasingly willing to interact with nature, so if you are fasting to notions about the plant world, instead of listing a series of names we propose a series ofphoto related to a very short descriptive caption.

Cold-resistant succulents - the photo gallery
For those who love succulents and live in the far north, they can aim for succulents that are particularly resistant to cold.

Type of furniture - the photo gallery
Indoor plants hanging or centerpieces? Where are you going to put yourshouseplant? In this photo gallery you will find several ideas.

Indoor plants that purify the air - the photo gallery
Exist indoor plants capable of filtering the air of the house, retaining polluting particles and returning clean oxygen. In the gallery we offer you an interesting list.

Anti-mosquito plants - the photo gallery
From geraniums to eucalyptus, there are someplantswhich perform an excellent mosquito-repellent action. Better to place them in the garden, on the balcony or on the windowsill.

Cold-resistant plants - the photo gallery
From Iris to Camellia, from Christmas rose to rhododendron ... in the gallery, thephotoplants capable of withstanding the harsh climate typical of northern Italy.

Indoor plantsthat grow well in the shade - the photo gallery
If the room to be furnished withindoor plantsit is not particularly bright, better to opt for one of the varieties shown in the photos of the gallery indicated above.

Terrace plants - the photo gallery
Some plants do well indoors and cannot adapt to outdoor environments. In the gallery, the photo plants that also live well outdoors.

Succulents - the photo gallery
Succulents decorate the house with style and elegance. Perfect for any type of furniture, from the most austere and minimalist to the most luxurious or classic.

And if all this were not enough, here are two other photo galleries:
Photos of the most popular indoor plants
The photos of the most classic houseplants

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