Japan, high-speed trains

Japan, high-speed trains

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Is calledShinkansenand it is the railway network Japanese godshigh-speed trains. They are known as "bullet trains ", in Japanesedangan ressha. THEfast trains of Japanthey have quite a dense history: the first high-speed train rode the tracksJapaneseback in 1964 bringing passengers from Tokyo to Osaka.

The progress of theJapanese fast trainshas a long-term future: in the summer of 2013 the nation tested a new onehigh speed train,the first prototype of the next generation offast trains.This also takes advantage of technologymaglev,with magnetic levitation, and reached a record speed. We are talking about 310 mph, over 500 km / h (to be precise, we are talking about 515 km / h!).


The next generation ofhigh-speed trainsbears the abbreviation "L0", it is thefastest trains in the worldand will become routine starting in 2027 on the line connecting Tokyo to Nagoya. Tokyo and Nagoya are 351 km apart, citizens will only take 40 minutes to cover this distance!

The first high-speed trains made their mark at the 1964 Summer Olympics. At first, the high speed translated into 130 mph (209 km / h) until reaching the world record held last summer on the railway network. by Shinkansen. Japanese technology is the envy of the whole world: the high-speed trains scattered between China, South Korea or here in Europe, do not exceed the speed of 322 km / h. In the United States, only today they are working on a rail networkhigh speedcapable of taking passengers from NYC to Boston in just 94 minutes traveling at a speed of 354 km / h. In the US, the fastest railway line reaches a speed of just 241 km / h.


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