Stefania Rossini: cooking, money and health

Stefania Rossini: cooking, money and health

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Note that Stefania Rossini in his book he writes about 'earning' referring to the ability to cook cheaply in a healthy way. Because the low cost cuisine of good home-made things is not a 'saving' - a virtuous word but that gives the idea of ​​a sacrifice - the cuisine of spending little but also healthy is vice versa a 'gain', for the pockets and for Health.

But you have to be able to spend a little, and with some tips it's better. In the pages of 'Cooking while earning money and health'- not many because this is a light book and the price is just as much - Stefania Rossini delivers her experience as a low cost blogger and author of 'Living in 5 with 5 euros a day' in a concentrate of tips for healthy and savvy cooking, from shopping to the stove.

A book to keep on a shelf in the kitchen, to read and leaf through and to go back to it every now and then. Interesting and enjoyable for everyone, beyond the family budget, because it doesn't help to save but to earn and not just in money. A book that does not age because certain principles - as well as certain recipes - never age and are always from a dear grandmother.

Stefania Rossini - Editions The Age of Aquarius Altrimondi Series - Cooking while earning money and health

Stefania Rossini - Editions The Age of Aquarius Altrimondi Series - Living in 5 with 5 euros a day

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