Dark spots on the face, natural remedies

Dark spots on the face, natural remedies

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On the market we find many effective creams to treat dark spots on the face: but are they harmless to the skin? They generally contain ingredients that can irritate the skin, cause allergies, redness, etc. Fortunately, we can use several do-it-yourself solutions with natural ingredients! In this regard, below you will find some effective remedies in the treatment of dark spots on the face which are effective if performed frequently and consistently.

Dark spots on the face, natural remedies

  • Birch bark decoction: particularly indicated against pityriasis, dark spots and skin diseases. For application, just wait for the decoction to cool then rub gently in a circular manner on the affected parts with a cotton swab.
  • Compound based on castor oil and eucalyptus essential oil: effective against the brown spots that the skin presents in adulthood. Apply to the skin, rubbing carefully morning and evening.
  • Compound based on rice bran and lemon juice: apply the mixture on the face and leave on for about a quarter of an hour then rinse.
  • Compote based on apple, rice flour and cetrilo: blend the pulp of an apple, add 2 tablespoons of rice flour and centrifuged cucumber juice. Apply the mixture on the face and leave it on for about a quarter of an hour then rinse.
  • Horseradish and apple cider vinegar-based lotion for oily skin: grate the horseradish in a bowl, add 200 ml of vinegar and a few drops of lemon then let the lotion rest for a whole day, filter it and dab the stains with the liquid obtained, as if it were a tonic.
  • Compound based on cucumber, carrot and wheat germ for dry skin: put 1/2 cucumber, one carrot in the mixer. Transfer the mixture to a bowl, add the wheat germ oil and mix. Apply on stains and leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse.
  • Pure aloe vera or in super-concentrated gel for any type of skin: spread the product on the spots without rinsing, continuing in this way for at least two months.

Dark spots on the face, supply
The dark spots on the face they can be caused by an excessive consumption of simple and refined sugars: the excess sugars collect and move to the surface of the body to be eliminated, consequently resulting in the production of melanin, with an ugly brown spot.
To prevent this from happening, among the natural remedies against face spots, we find foods rich in vitamin E such as oils, nuts, seeds and cereals.

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