How to cut down a tree

How to cut down a tree

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How to cut down a tree: techniques for the do-it-yourself felling of a tilted or erect tree. From the cutting angle to practical advice to perform everything in complete safety.

Today we will see like cutting down a tree with the help of a chainsawor without chainsaw.

Chainsaws and cutting tools are considered “dangerous” and must be used with caution; for the use of the chainsaw, we refer you to reading the guide article "how to use a chainsaw". The guide provides you with useful information to use the chainsaw safely.

Remember to wear cut-resistant gloves, trousers and jacket suitable for the tool you have. For all information on clothing to wear and extra advice, the guide entitled "How to cut down a tree" is available. In this page we will see how to handle non-routine situations such as that of cutting a tree.

Cut down a tree

Beforecut a treeand continue with thekilling, observe the plant, in particular evaluate the height of the tree to be felled, its diameter and leaf mass.

Another factor to be evaluated is the slope of the ground and the possible inclination of the trunk.

Also observe the air surrounding the tree, are there other plants next to it? How far is the nearest house? These aspects must be evaluated in order to choose thedirection of fallof the tree.

You can continue with the DIY only if you feel safe and if there are no structures that you can damage with an incorrect felling. If you are in doubt, it is better to postpone the killing and ask for help from experienced personnel.

Another fundamental rule: if you wantcut down a treefrom a height of more than three or four meters and with a trunk with a diameter of more than 20 cm, DO NOT act alone! You don't have to be too confident in your abilities, you never know what can go wrong in the cutting notch and felling phase!

How to cut down a tree

A tree can have great aesthetic value but also cause discomfort. The roots of a tree can damage the soil or threaten the stability of an entire building. The canopy of a tree can create shadows or obstruct the view of a beautiful landscape. In these situations it may be necessary to providefelling of a tree; but as it is provided when a tree is cut downand above all, is it necessary to request permits even if the tree is on private property? The answer is yes.

For the part relating to the felling permit, please refer to the page dedicated to the bureaucratic process to be carried out: permits for felling a tree.

Felling a tree, foreplay

First of all, eliminate the low branches and suckers that can hinder the operations of thecutreal.

Clean the base of the tree so you can work with greater agility and freedom of movement.

Forcut down a treeyou will need to make three cuts and for this it is advisable to use a chainsaw.

  • The first cut is made downstream of the fall line, on the side where the tree will fall to the ground. This is thecutting notch.
  • The second cut is made two or three cm higher than the first, on the opposite side.
  • The third cut will have the purpose of joining the two previous cuts. The third cut should stop two and three centimeters before it meets the notch.
  • At this pinto, thanks to a slight push, the tree falls.
  • When the tree begins to tilt it will be necessary to move away in the opposite direction.

How to cut down a tree: the notch or cutting angle

Before proceeding with thefelling of a tree it is necessary to make a notch at the base of the trunk, also called direction cut.

The directional cut must be made on the side where you want to "fall" the tree. The notch must be a fifth (1/5) of the trunk diameter deep and with an opening angle of about 45 °. Only after having made the direction cut will it be possible to provide felling cut.

When a tree is tilted it is not possible to use a "direction cut" given by a notch of 45 °. With a tilted tree it will be necessary to use suitable ropes and tools to avoid damage to nearby people and things.

How to cut down a tree, the felling cut

The felling cut must be performed opposite the notch; about 3 cm higher than the base of the steering cut

When making the felling cut, it will be necessary to leave a portion of wood to be cut with a thickness greater than a tenth of the total diameter of the log.

This portion should not be cut with a chainsaw because it will serve as a hinge to accompany the tree during the fall, guiding it in the direction set by the notch.

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