How to replace isinglass

How to replace isinglass

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In the article we will illustrate how to replace isinglass, a gelatin widely used in cooking as a thickener, for the preparation of desserts. Since the gelatine it is produced with pork rind and bovine cartilage, it is a banned ingredient for those with a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle! Unfortunately the gelatine it is necessary to thicken and / or stabilize certain products such as creams, jellies, Bavarians, etc. Luckily there is a product that can replace isinglass: this is the case of agar agar, a product that is obtained from red algae. to replace isinglass, the agar agar
There gelatine it can be easily replaced with agar agar, a product available at health food stores and natural food stores. You can find it in many forms: flakes, granular, powder. The best is the powder one, the flaked one has a lower gelling power.

  • The gelling power of 1 teaspoon of powder corresponds to that of 2 tablespoons of flakes.
  • To thicken 1 liter of liquid, 1 teaspoon to 2 teaspoons of powder or 2 to 4 tablespoons of flakes are used.
  • Agar agar is resistant to high temperatures and is also colorless, odorless and tasteless.

How to replace isinglass, the procedure
To dissolve the flakes and bars, you need to soak them in a bain-marie for at least 5 minutes
The powder does not soak, it mixes directly with the hot liquid: the rest of the procedure is the same.Let's see the procedure in detail:

  1. After you have dissolved the powdered seaweed inside the liquid (1 teaspoon of agar is equivalent to a 2 g sheet of gelatin), stir with a whisk until it begins to boil
  2. Once this is done, keep stirring the mixture for 6-7 minutes
  3. When you do not see all the white dots from the surface, it means that the agar agar is ready and can be put in the fridge to cool: gelation occurs when the water cools.

How to replace isinglass, useful tips

  • The agar agar thickens with the cold, so avoid letting the liquid cool too quickly as the alga could form lumps. If it doesn't firm up immediately it's not a problem: as long as it remains on the fire or very hot, the mixture remains liquid.
  • If lumps form or once it becomes cold it shows no sign of gelling, try putting everything back on the heat or mix better.
  • Difference between isinglass and agar agar? Of course, agar is an animal friendly product while isinglass is a product for which it is preferable not to ascertain the nature of the composition, in order to avoid eating sweets!

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